2018 Potentials

2018 Early Astrological & Spiritual Insights

In this year of 2018, we–Humanity / “We The People”­–are now BEing offered the opportunity, from Spirit, “Two-Work Two-Gether” and demonstrate our innate natural ability to Be CO-CREATIVE with Spirit. Another fortunate facet at hand during this Blessed year is for Humanity to now fully APPLY all the Knowing we have received of our BEing as Creatively Divine, so that we might demonstrate our greatest Human Potential in acting to CO-CREATE our “New Earth!” The Higher Knowing of this innate ability, as well as the opportunity to create and co-create a New Earth, is the Blessing that we have come to be aware of since the end of 2012!

In my “2017 Early Forecast” I wrote, The year 2017, when reduced to a single digit, 2+0+1+7, equals 1, marking this year as a momentous new beginning cycle, and through to the next “9 year” in 2025 (2+0+2+5 = 9).   Now, in 2018, we are experiencing a “2” (2+0+1+8 = 11 = 2) year. The “2” ingredient emphasizes the potential for each of us TWO work TWOgether with one another as well as CO-CREATING with Spirit!

It is another AUSPICIOUS year for “We The People” to know our Higher Self, giving us the opportunity to BE ‘accountable and responsible' for all energy we set in motion, and the Blessing to BE ‘Co-Creative’ with Spirit / God / Love.  As a result, “We The People” may continue to Know our True BEing. The year began with a Full Moon on January 1 suggesting a prominent year in the Creative Evolution of Humanity. Whenever we experience a Full Moon on our Birthday, rest assured, the coming year will potentially be outstanding regarding the opportunities for us to bring to form our greatest Human Potential!

Saturn in Capricorn; Don’t Fear the Reaper

On December 19, 2017, at 11:55 PM, EST, Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn. With its connection to Pluto during this cycle of experience, the sojourn will begin to DISSOLVE any element of “false security,” personally, as well as in the outer world, such as the false security many individuals place in volatile elements such as the stock market. I’m certainly NOT suggesting a “market crash,” and if we have placed ANY unnecessary faith in such uncertain and fickle things (the ILLUSIONS of the outer world), the imbalance will be corrected by the Planet of Great Balance, Saturn, transiting the sign representing that which we might deem as a “security.” That which is innately volatile in our world suggests a false sense of security. The element which is forever present with all of us, unseverable and unconditional, as well as secure and stable beyond measure, is our natural connection with the Source which created all things. Our remembrance of this connection allows us to manifest all that we may need in order to experience Abundance, Peace, Joy and Harmony and all that originates from a place of Love. When we CHOOSE to embrace this remembrance of our Higher Self, this Blessing is the ONLY “security” we may need to weather, and RISE ABOVE, any of the storms of the outside, third-dimensional world.

This passage of Saturn through its home sign of Capricorn is creating the platform for the establishment of a “World Government” for which the United States is becoming the foundation. And, in order for the United States to become that foundation, as with any “foundation”, if there is anything which might compromise the integrity of the groundwork, any cracks in the foundation must be repaired.  The “repairs” to those cracks has been in progress since approximately 2014.

This statement DOES NOT propose that the United States is to become a “Demigod” which is elevated above other Nations. This experience is a starting point in the formation and creation of a World Government, which allows its People the true freedom to express, create and enJOY a Human experience as each one sees best for themselves. This Higher Government will allow each individual to “be accountable and responsible” for all that it Creates as well as miscreates, without interFEARance! This does not suggest that this Global Being will forsake and abandon its People. Instead, this regime shall “teach Hu(man)ity to fish, so that it shall know how to care and feed itself, existing without the “need” of something to govern it. This facet of empowerment is what has been blossoming since 2014 when Pluto, the great transformer, began its opposition, full moon alignment to the “Sun” in the United States astrological composition.

Spirit Inspires us ALL to Know and embrace the innate “power” that has been imbued within our Being by the Source (God/Spirit/Love) which created all things, as well as the Higher Knowing that nothing–NO-THING–INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT, has any POWER OVER US, save the power WE GIVE TO IT! This Higher Knowing DOES NOT IMPLY, we become arrogant, rebellious, unlawful, belligerent, not pay taxes, or exist in a place of entitlement, E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and GREED. We embrace this profound understanding from a place of Love and Humility. We innately KNOW and Trust in the Awareness that all that might be required for us to exist in a place of Abundance, Peace, Love Joy and Harmony, will ALWAYS be given to us and co-created by us with SPIRIT–when we ALLOW it so. With this greater Awareness, We BEcome ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and courageous for all the energy we set in motion.   We DO NOT BLAME another or anything in the outside world for any shortcoming, and we FREELY share our Blessings with all those we Love and those we may not even know. This Higher Knowing, is one of the many Blessings BEing offered to the ALL of Humankind during these most profound and unprecedented times in the Creative Evolution of Humanity. And, these profound opportunities will continue throughout 2018.

The continued RE-establishment in the United States of the element of a “Government of the People, by the People, for the People, which shall not perish from the Earth,” is the basis of this new “World Government.” When “We The People” no longer elect (vote) to give away our power, those who are in seats of authority shall no longer have any power over us and shall allow “We The People,” to know and express our innate “power,” or “God-self.”

Large, corporate conglomerates and financial institutions shall also not have a place in the New Age. Saturn moving through the sign of these establishments (Capricorn) is correcting any imbalance in those conglomerates. Spiritual “justice” is being served in those realms, and they will no longer have debilitating power over the people, simply because they no longer serve a greater purpose.

Eclipse Season, Part One

In January we began this propitious year with a Full Moon on January 1, 2018 and we also enJOY the experience of a second Full Moon on January 31, 2018. This second Full Moon, or “Blue Moon” is a Total Lunar Eclipse as well as a Super Moon, highlighting the mammoth, great potential of this promising and extraordinary year.

This Eclipse Season accelerates the energies of the prior Eclipse Season that took place during August 2017. Our heightened Knowing of the element of Divinity that exists within each of us is something that is progressively coming to form during this Human experience in these unprecedented times. The “awakening” of our Creative Divinity, from a place of Love and not E.G.O. (Edge God Out) of our true Being, is the paradigm shift in consciousness that will facilitate the elevation of the All of Humanity and continually usher the establishment of a “World / Global Government.” The final formation of this Higher Vibrational entity shall indicate, we are undeniably in the New Age / Age Of Aquarius!

An Eclipse and Eclipse Season shall always indicate a most important turning point along our Spiritual Path of Creative Evolution and offers the opportunity to Know our Higher, “God / Creative Self” and greatest Human Potential. Whether it be on a more personal level, or connecting with the all of Humanity (“We The People”), the turning point is almost inevitable, pivotal and prominent. And, as to which direction the energy will shift is always dependant upon all intention or “Karma,” which has been set in motion up until the Eclipse event. An Eclipse in and of itself is neither negative nor positive, and the outcome will always be a manifestation of the energy that has been cast in motion prior to the Eclipse phenomena.

On February 15, 2018, we have a Solar Eclipse (prominent New Moon) that resides in the sign of The New Age, Aquarius. And, what is most profound with this Solar Eclipse, is that it forms an EXACT, within 3 seconds of a degree, conjunction to the Moon (We The People) in the astrological chart of the United States!

This connation with the United States natal Moon in the sign of the Altruist, Brotherhood, freethinking, free will, friends, hope, Humanitarianism, pacifism, brings an experience of “rebirth” to “We The People.” And, as I have emphasized, an Eclipse in and of itself is neither negative or positive, and the final outcome of an Eclipse experience is based upon all energy and intention we have set in motion leading towards the Eclipse Event. When we personally experience a Solar Eclipse, which is a prominent New Moon, on our Birthdays, we are at a personal time in our lives where we experience a rebirth, revitalization or remembering of the Knowing of our True Self! And, we must employ the courage of our BEing to bring all these wonderful elements of our self to form!  

If, and only if, we approach these experiences from a place of E.G.O. and fear, the “lower frequency” potentials of the Aquarian energies shall come to form. The less desirable potentialities are the elements of rebellion, revolt, self-righteousness and the lack of compassion and sensitivity. Let’s continue to be aware of the Higher vibrational potentials of our BEing, first personally, and then this blessing shall manifest in the collective, the All of Humanity. Chaos will always precede great and powerful change.  If such chaos does present itself during the Eclipse Season, allow yourself to be abundantly aware to “Be in the world and not of it.” This condition shall allow us to observe all that comes to form from a distance, with the element of detachment, so that Spirit if free to share with us its Higher Knowing of these happenings.

Outer Planet Significance

As Jupiter continues its passage through Scorpio, the sojourn expands–as Jupiter does­–our personal awareness of our connection with the Spirit Realm. During most of my public events, I elaborate on the Knowing that my aptitude to connect with the Spirit Realm is NOT necessarily a “Gift.” I observe this demonstration to be an ability, which every one of us has been given the opportunity, from Spirit, to Know for ourselves. Conventional teachings have not shared with the People this Higher Truth about themselves, and I inspire everyone to explore this great potential, and always do so from a place of Love. And, whenever we embark upon the exploration and discovery of anything, which awakens us to our connection with Spirit, we must also embrace the element of protection for ourselves from any negative interFEARance.

There is much information available that will inform you of how, on a personal level, to embrace your personal connections with Spirit as well as educating yourself on what Spiritual elements are required for you to “stay in the light,” and keep away any negative interFEARance. One such creation I recommend to read is “Reliance On The Light,” by Diane Stein. I also encourage you to explore what modalities resonate with you on a personal level and encode these experiences in your daily expression.

One of the most prominat alignments formed by Jupiter transit thought the sign Scorpio is the “trine” (120-degree) alignment to Neptune, in the sign of Spirituality, the Psychic faculties and all things Spiritual, Pisces. The 120-degree alignment is akin to a triangle. This three-sided formation in Sacred Geometry symbolized “the Triad,” trinity, substance of Life and indicates an effortless flow of energy! The flow of energy becomes effortless when we are fully and completely in a place of Trust and Knowing of our innate power. This is not to say we become complacent, and when we are dynamic through intention, we are in a place of Creative BEing and not on the hamster wheel of “Doing.” Let’s remember, we are Human BEings, not Human DOings. Jupiter as it aligns with Neptune brings, accentuates, and expands upon our innate ability to bring all that we desire to form as we continue our CO-Creation abilities with Spirit.

To Thy “Known” Self Be True

To further our Knowing of the innate ability to manifest, bring to form all that we Desire, which reflects our Knowing of the innate God-self, is the alignment of Jupiter with the element of great power, Pluto. The 60-degree (sextile energy) placement with Jupiter and Pluto accentuates the aforesaid opportunity (sextile energy aspect) to now bring to form and APPLY our Knowing of ourselves as Creative, Evolutionary BEings! This demonstration must always be established from a place of Love and Humility and most emphatically not from a stance of self-righteousness, E.G.O. and greed.

As Neptune progresses through its home sign of Pisces, it creates a trine (see above explanation) energy aspect to the natal Sun in the United States astrological chart. This experience allows the unfurling here in the United States of the element of much needed Spirituality–which has NOTHING to do with conventional Religion. As I have been shown, the “separation of Church and State” has been a debilitating detriment to the BEing of the United States. I have also been shown that the original intentions of the Founding Fathers of the United States embraced the element of Spirituality, as well as the Knowing of its significance in the BEing of “We The People.” This original intention will rise to the surface during these times of “Revelations.”

The True “Knowing” of our Spiritual BEing has been kept “secret” and shall continue to be “Revealed” during these unprecedented times, especially to those who employ the courage to receive this revelation. This Knowing, which is the empowerment of the self, is a momentous constituent in the re-CREATION of the foundation of the United States.

Neptune’s passage though Pisces creates an inconjunct (150-degree) alignment to the Natal Saturn in the Astrological chart of the United States. This powerfully transformative alignment indicates the massive, Spiritual  change coming to form in our Government as well as in what will be “corporations” of the future. In the coming times, there will be no need for contracts, “terms of agreements,” nor any other lower vibrational element which we might need, out of fear, to “guarantee” anything in the coming times.

The CEO of the coming times will undeniably be a Spiritual Leader who will inspire his/her team to demonstrate their greatest abilities and will do so from a place of Love, Faith and Trust. Any less of an entity will have no place in the “business world” of the future times.

Our “Great Transformer” Pluto has entered the “second house” of the United States Astrological Chart. Wherever Pluto travels, it destroys, transmutes and transforms what no longer serves a purpose so that we might enJOY a greater, more Loving experience. An epic occurrence, which shall facilitate the progress of the United States to its next place of evolution, is in the transformation of its monetary system. Currency, as we observe it to be so now, shall no longer have a place in the coming times. The opportunity for everyone to freely share its innate “wealth” through the Knowing of its service, shall be a prominent demonstration of “We The People” in the coming times. This benevolent expression of “sharing” is emphasized in the 1951 (not 2008!)  brilliant film, “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

As much as we may be misled and confused by conventional media, in the past, such as shown in the 1951 film about an Extraterrestrial Being coming to Earth to “intervene” for the People, the suggestion of what is to come has been evident in select media creations, especially in film.  There is much misinformation, intended to keep the condition of fear present, such as the films elaborating on invasion and destruction from other worldly Beings.  In the film “War Of The Worlds,” its “true creators” intended the desire to keep the people in a place of fear regarding E.T.s and their BENEVOLENCE.

A Final Chapter

After the United States moves beyond its “Pluto Return” in 2022 and into 2023, is when our Highly Evolved, Spiritual Nation shall fully come to form. This complete circle, cycle–when Pluto “returns” to the place it was at the time of the U.S. birth–of Pluto’s Evolutionary transformation of all aspects of the United States BEing, shall indicate the time of a final rebirth. It will bring to existence a Nation which shall be a benchmark for all other Nations,  further crossing the threshold into the New Age / Age of Aquarius. The completion of the cycle of Pluto passing through all the sectors of the Untied States Astrological Chart shall indicate a time of the reestablishment of the United States Constitution as it was intended by the Founding Fathers.

The next “Eclipse Season” will be in July and August where we shall experience a series of 3 Eclipses that will continually propel us forward on our Creative, Evolutionary Journey. “We The People” have been kept in a state of compromised well-being from “Shadow Forces.” And, whom these forces might be, as well as where they hide, is a key component during these times of The Apocalypse and Revelations.

Discern this and all information, allow yourself to recognize what reverberates with you personally. If what I share with you, which comes through my Higher Self resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not, that is also wonderful.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed

©2018 Raymond J. Sette / January 31, 2018, Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse