2017 Potentials

2017 Early Forecast

The year 2016, in numerology, when we “reduce” the collection of numbers to a single digit, equals the number 9; 2+0+1+6 = 9. The number 9 connects with a time of cleansing, clearing as well as a period of significant, sometimes monumental, endings. These endings are moments of opportunity, either personally or collectively, to clear away all that that no longer serves a purpose so that we might effectively prepare and welcome all opportunity, grander experiences and the Blessings that will be given to us from Spirit.

The year 2017, when reduced to a single digit, 2+0+1+7, equals 1, marking this year as a momentous new beginning cycle, and through to the next “9 year” in 2025, (2+0+2+5 = 9) we, especially here in the United States, shall experience our next cycle of evolutionary growth which, at this stage, greatly connects with a more profound Spiritual knowing and the “dissolution” of lower, 3rd dimensional experiences, which are relevant to the physical, material realm, so that we might embrace a higher, Spiritual vibratory existence. Moving forward, we are to unshakably “Know” ourselves as God-empowered, Creative Beings of Light and Love. Any lesser frequency demonstration will not have a place in the coming times.

The year 2016 has been characterized as a year of profound cleansing, including the release of that which no longer serves a Higher and greater purpose, for the greater good of ALL concerned. Just as the oak tree lovingly surrenders its leaves during the autumn, each person serves higher purpose when we release all that is outworn and outmoded, so that we might welcome a new season. Before we embark upon a new beginning, Spirit shall always offer us the opportunity to clear the slate, so that we might start again with greater clarity to benefit the most from the Blessings at hand.

In addition, the years of 2014, 2015 and 2016 have been a time of OPPORTUNITY for each to connect with OUR Higher Self, which is the “Higher Mind,” and to REMEMBER OUR power, so that we might EMPOWER ourselves, and recognize that WE are the MASTERS of our Destiny and to no longer GIVE AWAY our personal power. Now, in 2017, we are offered the OPPORTUNITY to APPLY THIS HIGHER KNOWING of SELF-EMPOWERMENT. If we are awaiting another to correct any imbalance, and to create our success in any endeavour, especially a new President, we are tragically mistaken. We are not here to control or overpower another. We are in Human form to remember ourselves as Spiritual; we are all connected to the SOURCE that created all things, and that we are CO-CREATIVE with that Entity.

This release was accentuated in 2016 and has been notable here in the United States. This monumental cycle of experience began with the planetary transit of Pluto forming an opposition, 180-degree, “Full Moon” energy aspect to the Sun in the Astrological Chart of the United States in late 2013 and becoming “exact” through to early 2015. Those who have experienced a significant transit of Pluto through?? their natal charts will understand the empowerment—and destruction—Pluto requires so that we might transform into who we have chosen to become, based on our Higher choices prior to our Human birth. Many times, we allow ourselves to experience exactly who we are NOT so that we might know who we truly are to Be and become.

Almost always, coinciding with a significant Pluto transit, we are presented with the opposition of a very dark force, which has at its helm a diabolical desire to discourage, disempower and derail us from the higher opportunity of self-empowerment. Many times we observe the demonstrations of the lowest form of human expression. In recent years we have seen a surge of low-vibrational experiences manifesting in our outer world during a milestone Pluto transit. Throughout the last several years, we have witnessed an elevation of the horrors that are created from the collective consciousness of Humanity. We have observed these low demonstrations of energy so that we might elect to remain in a place of Love, send Love to those horrendous experiences, and establish higher choices of Love. By Being an example of Love, we not only raise our own vibration, but we also begin to elevate the vibration of Humanity as a whole.

We will not immediately see the end of these low-frequency demonstrations, especially in the early part of this coming year, and, whenever there is a turning point toward higher frequency experiences, Light and Love, the dark forces will stop at nothing to keep us in a place of fear. Of course, this energy has the power only if we GIVE IT POWER!

A Great Reveal

We The People” of the United States, and throughout the world, are experiencing a time of “disclosure.” I foresee that “We The People,” shall observe a continual reveal of Higher “truths” that have been kept hidden, perhaps connecting as far back to the days of Abraham Lincoln. The “powers that be” would keep the public in a place of fear, disempowerment and under control of a dark and diabolical entity far greater than we might recognize.

Whether or not we choose to recognize this evolutionary, as well as revolutionary, experience the incoming presidential administration here in the United States shall offer benefic opportunities for each person of the United States to demonstrate the awareness of their self-mastery, provided we have facilitated the solidification within the self of this knowing during the last few years.

Donald Trump was born less than three hours prior to a Total Lunar Eclipse on June 14, 1946. Individuals born during this phenomenon contain the vibrational frequency similar to “the seventh son of a seventh son.” I am not, under any circumstance, suggesting that Mr. Trump is the “second coming” and I do not dismiss the arrogance he has demonstrated at times. However, it is worth noting that for this continual breakdown of the structure that has kept “We The People” in a state of manipulation, control and fear, we must have a presence of someone who is not “attached” to any particular structure. Mr. Trump’s “lack” of political experience fits this bill.

It’s really the individual PEOPLE of any Country, when we choose higher choices and intend all energy from a place of Love, that will facilitate a greater change, and NOT who becomes or who is President.” ~Ray Sette, 2016

In Mr. Trump’s Astrological chart, revolutionary Pluto resides in his 12th house. The placement of this evolutionary planet suggests one who possesses the ability to discover and disclose very deep and somewhat “dark” information. This energy may also suggest the native himself may have generated some very deep, dark secrets. Much of this connects with past lives as well as “karmic contracts” that are being resolved in the current incarnation.

This placement of Pluto offers the individual the potentiality to bring to light all that has been hidden, and this demonstration shall facilitate a profound experience of regeneration and rebirth. The essence of the “Trump” experience is to continually DISSOLVE the current establishment so that there will be a sustained DISCLOSURE of the information that has been kept hidden from “We The People” so that the “powers that be” could maintain control over the population.

One final point regarding Mr. Trump. His persona reflects to us (U.S.) the physical manifestation of ABUNDANCE that each individual has the potential to CREATE through Desire that begins with Intention. Each one of us (U.S.) contains the potential to CREATE for ourselves the ABUNDANCE Mr. Trump has brought to form. Mr. Trump’s Natal Moon resides in the sign Sagittarius, the sign connecting with abundance.

A Dawning of a New Age

The Astrological Chart cast for the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017 further accentuates the element of self-empowerment, power to the people and a transformation for “We The People” of the United States. At the time of the inauguration, the Moon (We The People) is in the sign most associated with transformation and empowerment, Scorpio! The sign Scorpio also represents FEAR, so we must not allow FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to distract, discourage and derail each one of us (U.S.) from Awakening to the continued Knowing of self-empowerment. In the Inauguration chart, Uranus–the “Great Awakener”–resides in the 12th house, the house that represents “all that is hidden,” in the chart. This placement suggests that the incoming President may potentially “reveal and awaken” (Uranus) the public to all that has been kept secret. And through this awakening, each one may then choose, if they desire to do so, to continually awaken to a higher knowing of the intentions set in motion by the Founding Fathers of the United States, and to lovingly RE-ESTABLISH a “Government of the People, by the People, for the People.” This cycle of TRANSFORMATION will continue for another nine years, and culminate at the time of the “Pluto Return” of the United States Astrological Chart in 2022 - 2023, when the RE-ESTABLISHMENT of the INTENTIONS of the Founding Fathers through the creation of the Constitution will be fully in place.

A planet’s “return” is when is has traveled from the point which it resided at birth, through the entire circle of the astrological chart, and “returns” to the exact position it was at birth. This cycle of experience, as it connects to Pluto, represents a “transformation” of every possible facet of the United States. The only possible return of an outer planet–Uranus, Neptune and Pluto–for a native, would be connected with Uranus at 84 years. This cycle of experience, here with Pluto, connects with nations and marks a principal period of completed and progressive evolution.

In the July 4, 1776 chart cast for the United States, Pluto resides in the second house of the chart. The second house of an Astrological chart represents money, finances as well as national wealth. In 2017, Pluto will enter the 2nd house of the U.S. chart, indicating a major time of transformation of the money system of the country. We are at a dawning of a monumental restructuring of our current currency and the financial system. As with all things Pluto, not until the transformation has unfolded can we truly understand the gravity of the experience and how it will finally take form.

There will be a crumbling of the current banking system, and “big banks” will no longer have control over monies as well as the ability to control and manipulate each individual’s birthright to abundance! The United States will “return” to a system based on and backed by gold and silver, and the intrinsic “value” of our money will return. And, this cycle of experience may also suggest an end of physical “money” as we know it!

On the existing, physical paper money,  the pyramid, with its capstone encoded with the “all seeing eye,” is separated from the main structure. This pictogram represents the control of large conglomerate, including big banks, over “We The People.” In the coming times, large corporations will not longer have a foothold over the population.

These opportunities are to bring back “power to the people,” and not for the “people” to control one another. This higher knowing is a profound experiencd Humanity has been offered in the last several years, and each of us should remember, we are the Master of our Destiny, and we are NOT here to control or manipulate another, nor are we to JUDGE the path of another. If we seek to control another, the Karmic implications will be catastrophic.

I would caution against setting out to deem another as Being ‘wrong.’ When we do so, we demonstrate ourselves as being steeped in E.G.O. (Edge God Out) judgment or self-righteousness.” ~Ray Sette, 2017

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

A large chapter of the disolution I foresee will be the end of media–television, radio, newspapers and even movies–as we know it. As it exists, the majority of media production, specifically television programming and the news, creates and cultivates the element of fear to disempower the self and keep us in a place of confusion and disempowerment, and is riddled with propaganda and disastrously erroneous and disempowering information.

The demise of media, as we recognize it, certainly will not mean that the public will be misinformed. We are embarking upon a period during which the dark forces shall no longer control and manipulate the information presented through conventional media outlets. When we allow it to do so, Spirit shall always, lovingly, keep us “informed,” and “in the Light,” more accurately than any television news program. Many “false enemies” are created in erroneous news programs with the intention of controlling the population through fear and confusion; trust in Spirit, all manipulation by the dark forces is coming to an end.

A perfect example of how the media creates unnecessary fear and disempowerment was illustrated in all of the “doom and destruction” programs and documentaries erroneously the prophesizing the “end of times” that would befall Humankind on December 21, 2012! One interesting fact: most, if not all, of these programs were sponsored by the diabolical and debilitating force of the pharmaceutical industry.

Allow yourself to be aware of how the mainstream media creates fear and causes one to be misinformed, and then creates confusion as well as disempowerment. As always, each individual has the choice to allow this platform the power to manipulate our thinking and interFEAR with our Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Well-being!

The ONLY element we need to employ, against any Dark Force, is the POWER of OUR OWN MIND.” ~Ray Sette, 2016

At the start of 2009, I elected to no longer offer my attention to any news programming, and since the early part of 2016, I’ve essentially stopped watching all television programming. I once shared this experience with someone, who took umbrage and responded, “Well, I don’t want to stop watching the news because I don’t want to be misinformed.” My response: “If you are watching the news, you’re already misinformed!” Just a thought.

God Is One of Us

Another significant disclosure to unfurl is how Humanity has been kept in a perpetual condition of fear and control by conventional Religion and Self-righteous religious leaders. True Spirituality and Higher Spiritual Knowing existed long before the HUMAN-CREATED religions, as we understand it to be so. This statement is not intended to devalue the significance of Religion, I do believe all Religion has merit, especially when it inspires individuals to empower themselves. It is when we are kept in a state of fear that the establishment disempowers the people. The planets Jupiter (Religion) and Uranus (The Great Awakener) will continue to facilitate the realization of false religion as we carry on with this year.

As we travel through 2017, the planets Jupiter and Uranus will form an opposition “Full Moon Energy” aspect to one another. This formation brings forth the awakening to higher dimensional thinking, releasing and dissolving lower vibrational, logical and highly limited thinking that keeps us in a third dimensional experience. We are ascending to a higher, 5th dimensional existence and experience where the physical, material, logical and limited form will posess very little “matter” because it will no longer “matter” and will no longer have a place in the times to come.

In order for Us to connect and receive Infinite Wisdom and Guidance, we must CHOOSE to ALLOW ourselves to move beyond the logical, highly LIMITED manner of thinking and believing.” ~Ray Sette, 2016

One of the greatest, most profound opportunities offered to each person is to EMBRACE responsibility for our path, our purpose, and to recognize that we are “Masters of our Destiny!” This alignment of Jupiter and Uranus provides the opportunity to transcend conventional thinking so that we might break free from the “ties that bind” and keep us in lower frequency thought patterns. If you observe anyone who has risen above any seemingly insurmountable challenge, it is because the individual progressed beyond conventional, logical and debilitatingly limited third dimensional thinking and embraced abstract, profound concepts. We can all do so for the OPPORTUNITY to create all that we Desire.

If you choose only ONE resolution for 2017, RESOLVE to EMPLOY the EMPOWERMENT of yourself. IF you CHOOSE this higher expression, all that you Desire shall Lovingly and EFFORTLESSLY, EFFORTLESSLY, EFFORTLESSLY follow suit.

A few final Prophecies as we continue;

The Original Native Americans lived with no government and no borders. Eventually, “We The People” shall demonstrate the same potentiality.

What is defined as a “learning disability” is highly erroneous and inaccurate. Rather, what we call a learning disability is indicative of a HIGH-VIBRATIONAL SPIRITUAL BEING. It is a dark force in the mental health care profession as well as in conventional medicine that keeps these individuals in a state of lethargy, rendering them non-entities. As a result, they are unable to tap into their higher potential and true “purpose” for embodying on Earth at this progressive period during the Creative Evolution of Humanity.

Conventional medication is becoming defunct.

A dissolution of conventional healthcare, including mental health care, and the elimination of the use of conventional medication, which in reality keeps the body in a perpetual state of imbalance, is coming.

As I observe it to be so, the pharmaceutical industry is the Darkest force of “evil” and disempowerment, especially here in the United States, followed by the alcohol industry followed by the tobacco industry.” ~Ray Sette, 2016.

Selemat Gajun, Selemat Ja; Syrian for “Be One and Be in Joy.”

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

January 12, 2017