New Moon

Aries New Moon

March 24, 2020

5:29 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our coming New Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Aries, the One which governs adventures and common people, diamonds and garnets, kilns and Leicester, England. Aries oversees pioneers and poppies, rams and red rocks, teeth and thistles, white and wolves! The Sun and Moon fusion is at 4 degrees of Aries and this New Moon–as well as the Full Moon on April 7, 2020–triggers and stimulates the energies of the December 2019 / January 2020 Eclipse Season and prepares us for the ensuing Eclipse Season in June and July of this most auspicious year of the Creative Evolution of “We The People!”

The June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse is located at 0 degrees of Cancer. The “0 degree” of a Cardinal sign–the sign of the Tropical Zodiac which begins a season–is known as the “World point.” When this position is present, specifically in a Lunation and more profoundly with an Eclipse, we experience an evolutionary shift towards higher consciousness, as well as great and monumental change on a “Global” level. At this time there is an acceleration of the experience towards a higher awareness, elevated, paradigm shift of consciousness regarding “We The People” and the true essence of our BEing. And in these most unprecedented of times of Revelations and The Apocalypse, “We The People” are experiencing a world-wide AWAKENING of, for one, the true nature of our BEing as well as how “We The People” have been misled, misinformed and simply “lied to,” for millennia. And, now the tides are turning, the “Power” is returning to “We The People,” and in these coming months, we must remain lovingly vigilant and dedicated in our endeavors at remaining “in the world and not of it.” Remember, as Inspired by AA Michael; “Spirit (not the diabolical media) will guide you, the Earth (not substances) will sustain you.”

In these months, particularly leading to the Lunar Eclipse that will coincide with the “Birthday” of the United States on July 4, 2020, “We The People” must not “drop our guard,” especially regarding our “Spiritual protection” against negative, etheric attacks and interFEARances. “We” must NOT again allow an occurrence in the outer world that is designed to derail “We,” as it did on September 11, 2001, from welcoming the benevolent Blessings for All to enJOY! As I have shared, an example of what shall potentially come to form is the NESARA experience or something as altruistic. We, as Visionaries and Prophets, BElieve that the NESRA experience is ONE of the many bountiful Blessings which was to be ushered in during the late 1990’s and The Shadow Forces made certain that at that time this Benediction would not come to pass. And, the tides are certainly turning in favor of “We The People.” As I mentioned in a recent forecast, “We” are “Three Feet From Gold!”

The Eclipse cycles of 2020 are similar to those of 2001. Emphatically, this is not to infer that “We” shall have analogous experiences to those of 2001, especially as was demonstrated on September 11, 2001. And, we must not be DERAILED by the machinations of The Underworld, as is happening with the “Corona Virus” event, from welcoming the Blessings at hand! We are close to embarking upon a “Golden Age,” and this may fully come to pass during the years 2024 and into 2026 after our “Great Transformer,” Pluto, has completed one full cycle and returns to the position it was at the time of the “birth” of the United States on July 4, 1776!

In the New Moon chart cast for the United States we have the element which represents an Awakening towards Higher Consciousness, Aquarius, rising at the time of the New Moon. This energy, as well as other constituents which I endeavor to elaborate upon in my “2020 Extended Forecast,” indicate the gravity of the MONUMENTAL Awakening of “We The People” which is currently underway! Much fear, which shall always interFEAR, (Please view my  “Fear Which InterFEARs” Video)has been released at the time of the March 9, 2020 Full Moon. The apparent uneasiness of “We The People” is most certainly overwhelming, and “We” must remain clear in our etheric BEing and grounded with the energies of the Earth so that we might BE Lovingly guided by Spirit so that “We” might Know what is Truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth.

Spirit shall NEVER mislead us, and we must properly, adequately fortify the process of receiving Higher, benevolent information so that Spirit may continue BEing its BEing and guiding “We” from its place of Love.

After the horrific events of September 2001, which I Believe the actual “authors” of those experiences shall very much be a part of this “Great Reveal,” “We The People” experienced a “new normal.” In these coming Times and commencing at this New Moon and with the Vernal Equinox, “We” may yet again BEgin to experience a “New Normal.” However, during these times of Revelations and The Apocalypse, the Power is once more returning to the hands of “We The People” and we are CREATING and CO-CREATING, with Spirit, the outcome of these most glorious of times. This experience is to be embraced and not feared. Those of us who have been dedicated and worked diligently with Spirit, specifically since 2008, have been “prepared” for what we are now enduring, and “We” are excited! And, We lovingly share all with you, so that you might embrace, from that place of Love, the BLESSINGS which are to be BESTOWED upon EVERYONE.

In this year, Jupiter and Pluto come together in a conjunction, aka, New Moon alignment. This cycle of experience is another element I shall elaborate upon in my “2020 Extended forecast” and, in the coming weeks, the first of three of this alignment shall be exact. Jupiter, the planet of Justice, connecting with Pluto, the planet of the Underworld, suggests that, for one, “The Shadow Forces / Dark Hats / Cabal” are being made accountable for all the heinous acts which they have inflicted upon “We The People” for millennia. Those forces are BEing brought to justice, and we shall be shown (Revealed) their Destiny.

The Vernal Equinox, exact on March 19, 2020 at 11:50 PM, EDT, is also an activation point for the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse–New Moon, prominent new beginning–further suggesting we are on the cusp of a major new chapter in the Creative Evolution of “We The People.” On March 21, 2020, Saturn Begins its journey through Aquarius and this passage through the sign of awakenings is further solidifying the understanding of Brotherhood and that the ALL of Humanity, and all of The Cosmos is ONE. We shall become more aware of how the United States is BEcoming and has been designed to be “The New jerUSAlem.” There is currently a presence of Higher Beings in the White House, operating Behind the scenes, BEing their BEing, so that “We The People” may enJOY all the Blessings which “We” are designed to experience while in this Human form.

The Balsamic Moon Phase BEgins on March 20, 2020 at 2:57 AM, EDT and offers an auspicious opportunity to energetically “clean the slate” for the coming Lunar Cycle which begins at the New Moon. If there is any fear, doubt, hesitation, trepidation towards knowing that YOU have the potential to be a “pioneer” (Aries) in all which you endeavor, personally or in any other aspect of your life, release and clear the discordant energy, concepts and lower vibrational BEliefs at this Balsamic Moon which may delay this and many more Blessings. The days leading to the Vernal Equinox may also be employed as an auspicious opportunity to energetically clear and prepare for the coming times!

In the United States, “We” are rebooting, lower, acrimonious energy is Being liquefied and all things are BEing reset! The New Moon resides in the 4th house of the Astrological chart of the United States and this placement suggests that “We” are paving the way and laying down a strong and stable foundation for which to build the future, “Golden Age,” upon. And, we must not waiver in our Faith that something “Greater and Benevolent for ALL, We The People,” is to unfurl.

And, once more;

“You must learn to be sensitive to the Voice within that can tell You what is Truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the Voice of Truth which is within You and You will lead yourselves onto the path of [Creative] Evolution… May you be Blessed by the Supreme Love and Truth of the Cosmos.” ~anonymous, 1977

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also magnificent.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

© 2020 Raymond J. Sette