Pisces New Moon
March 17, 2018
9:12 AM, EDT
Washington, D.C.

Our imminent New Moon, as we continue to swiftly progress through this extraordinary year, resides in the sign Pisces, the sign which represents charity, chrysolite and spiritualistic churches as well as conspiracies, dissolving, Mediumship and the Occult. The final sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs priests and prisoners, all things connected with psychic phenomena, Spirituality and spiritualism and ultimate understanding of all things!

The Sun and Moon union resides at almost 27 degrees of Pisces; assess the placement of the New Moon in your natal astrological chart and the aspects it creates to the points in your chart to implement these planetary potentialities on a more personal manner.

Mars, who moves into Capricorn 3 hours and 29 minutes after the exact time of the New Moon, forms a creative and dynamic, sometimes volatile, square (90 degree) energy aspect to the New Moon. In the New Moon chart cast for the United States, the Sun / Moon merger, along with Venus, Mercury and Uranus, reside in the 12th house region; the sector of the chart connecting with all things hidden. Mars has always been the “smoking gun” in the realm of predictive astrology, and when this element connecting with vast energy, forms an aspect connecting with similar properties (the square) we can certainly expect energy to intensely culminate and emphatically bring to form all which energetically has been set in motion leading up to the event.

This equation continues the process of “Revelations,” in respect as to how the “innate nature of our BEing” has been kept hidden from the public. This orchestration of the Underworld is designed to keep “We The People” in a compromised state of well being as well as in the condition of ignorance from the true nature of our BEing, so that the aforesaid forces may continue to inflict their power over the people. Our True Nature is Creative Divinity and Love as well as BEing “Love In Action,” and in these most unparallel times of the Creative Evolution of Humanity, we are offer the opportunity to finally Know and embrace this Blessed awareness of innate Design.

In the coming weeks, especially near the time of the Vernal Equinox, which is exact three days after the New Moon on March 20, 2018 at 12:16 PM, EDT, we may certainly witness significant “Revelations” in the outer world. And, since we have our New Moon in a sign representing conventional Religion, (Pisces) we may observe a heightened level of scandals connecting with organized religion coming to the surface during these moments of great and powerful change. The elevation of the level of the indignities on the rise in the coming times is certainly not only connected with organized religion. The indiscretions may also surface in the arenas of politics as well as the revelation of large corporate corruption.

As Mars progresses into the sign Capricorn, the element that represents one’s goals and career—which I would inspire to recognize more precisely as BEing your higher / greater purpose—we may observe an acceleration in the advancement of those endeavors. If there has been an experience of stagnation towards the realization of any goals, it is suggested to ask and be shown from Spirit, if there may be present an interFEARance which may cause unnecessary delay in the manifestation of our greatest Desires.

Another great potential, which ALL are BEing offered, is the prospect to Know and embrace our own personal connection with the Spirit Real as well as our natural “psychic” ability—all facets of the sign Pisces. Spirit will inspire everyone to explore these great potentials, and with the discovery of these facets of our Human BEing, we must also include the understanding of how to PROTECT ourselves against any harmful interFEARance. It is strongly suggest to include the knowing of how to clear ones energy field of the accumulated and fragmented particles of psychic debris as well as asking for protection—from Spirit—against any negative interaction. Also, embrace the powerful experience of remaining connected and grounded with the energy of the Earth—this experience will also assist in the clearing of energetic debris.

To assist you with greater awareness of the significance of clearing your energy, remaining grounded with the energy of the earth, and protection against any potentially “harmful” energetic interactions, I suggest reading Spiritual Clearings by Diana Burney and Reliance On The Light by Diane Stein.

The Balsamic Moon Phase begins March 13, 2018 at 10:44 AM, EDT. Boldly ask with courage, to be shown from Spirit, what may be interFEARing with the advance of your personal, Spiritual, Creative Evolution and allow yourself to clear, cleanse and release whatever may impede this progress. In the coming months, if you are BEing all that you are required to BE so that you may advance on your Spiritual Path, you may observe a quantum leap on your path of Creative Evolution.

The Vernal Equinox is on March 20, 2018 at 12:16 PM, EDT. The Winter Months are an auspicious time for “spring cleaning” so that at the onset of the Vernal Equinox, we have begun the new season with a clean slate. If you have not already done so, in these days before the Equinox, clear, cleanse and purge all that may be unnecessary, outmoded and of no practical—not to mention Spiritual value—in your home / safe haven space. Our Home is our Sanctuary, as sacred as any church, cathedral, temple or mosque, observe your home as such and create this Blessed Adobe that is unique and personal to your most elevated, Spiritual elements!

Mercury, in Mars ruled Aries, moves retrograde on March 23, 2018 and remains so until April 15, 2018. This retrograde residing in Aries, the sign representing enterprise and the entrepreneur as well as energy, offers the opportunity to dwell on those elements during this time of REflection. If you find yourself BEing challenged and unclear as to what may be your greatest purpose while in Human form, use the Blessings of the retrograde period to “go within,” through meditation, and allow yourself to REflect on all your greatest potentials, as well as that which you feel great excitement. That which we feel the most passionate about, as I have been shown from Spirit, is a direct connection with our greatest purpose! Once you discover the clarity of your purpose, allow yourself to employ the courage to Honour your Knowing and then follow your Path.

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

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