New Moon

Aquarius New Moon

February 4, 2019

4:04 PM, EST

Washington, D.C.

Our ensuing New Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Aquarius, the sign which represents Astrology and the Astrologer, great, progressive, prominent Change, Humanitarianism and The New Age, paradoxes, rebellion, teachings of new and the colour violet! The Sun and Moon fuse together at almost 16 degrees of Aquarius, beginning our next lunar cycle, and so, as with all Lunation and planetary activity, look to its exact position in your charts and the aspects created to understand how to implement these New Moon potentials into your reality!

Undeniably, we are in the Times of grand, progressive and prominent change that is, whether we choose to acknowledge the actuality of this experience or not, serving a Higher purpose and propelling the whole of Humanity further along its path of Creative Evolution. And, as I have been shown from Spirit and I observe with detachment from any outcome, these profound moments are what many Prophecies have referred to as the Times of Revelations and The Apocalypse. Also, as I have Lovingly illustrated in many forecasts, the only “destruction” unfurling during these experiences is the dissolution of all misinformation which has kept Humanity in a continuous condition of compromised well-being and has allowed the Dark Forces to continue their suppression of “We The People.” These seemingly disturbing experiences are in actuality a profound Blessing, and, now the tides are undeniably changing. This coming Lunar Cycle may very well be a prominent turning point (Aquarius) that shall catapult the collective of Humanity further towards its Spiritual Ascension. And, perhaps not before great chaos may potentially manifest itself in the outer world. The constituent of “chaos” shall always inevitably precede great change.

Mercury, in the sign of its “higher octave,” Aquarius, is located within 4 degrees to the New Moon. The Sun, Moon and Mercury receive a benevolent alignment from Jupiter in its “home sign” and the representative of the Higher Mind, Sagittarius. This auspicious placement provides an ideal platform for all those who choose to receive Spirit’s offering of information which provides Higher Insight, Higher Knowing and abstract and unconventional wisdom regarding the experiences BEing endured on our planet as well as in personal situations requiring greater clarity. Of course, only when we “allow” ourselves to visibly receive this abstract and unconventional information by permitting ourselves to Be clear in our BEing and grounded with the energies of the Earth, shall we benefit from the blessing.

This auspicious arrangement of the aforesaid elements provides the opportunity for “outside of the box energy” thinking and problem solving abilities, similar to that vibration which an inventor connects with when encountering a “break through” experience! Each one of us contain the ability of “Genius thinking,” (Aquarius) when we ALLOW ourselves to properly fortify the experience. This New Moon most undeniably is an opportunity for “We The People,” to profit from the alternative, higher vibrational information shared by Spirit, which transcends third dimensional logic (which is unbearably limited) and is available to everyone when we Lovingly choose to receive and pave the way for Spirit to BE so for “We The People.”

On January 13, 2019 Jupiter and Neptune formed their first of 3, square energy (90-degree), creative and dynamic alignments with one another and this energy will remain in motion through to the autumn of this year. ALL planetary alignments contain benevolent blessings as well as the potential for a malevolent, lower frequency outcome. And, towards whatever end of the spectrum we choose to direct our attention is which facet of the potential shall come to form. The CHOICE is ALWAYS ours!

The “low vibration” manifestation of this inventive energy shows itself in the form of bombastic self-righteousness, an overly inflated sense of E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and the tendency for one to impose derailing beliefs on another. Also evident is shrewd “energy manipulation,” through displays such as passive aggressive behavior aimed at inflicting control, manipulation and power over another.

The Jupiter / Neptune alignment acutely opens portals to the etheric realm, causing one, when not energetically “protected,” to be “Spiritually vulnerable” to negative, spectral influences. I’ve shared much information which has been created by authors Diana Burney and Diane Stein, among many visionary writers of such information, which offer immeasurable insights regarding how to “protect” one self from the possible interFEARance caused by low-vibrational, etheric BEings.

The “flip side” to this alignment, when the energy field (Aura) is clear and we are grounded and connected with the energy of our Earth, enables us to demonstrate the ability to receive and process highly insightful and inspirational information shared with us from Highly Benevolent Etheric Beings. Profound and prolific Creativity is fortified during this experience when we properly, Lovingly go with the flow of energy, such as when a surfer gracefully rides a wave. It is when we “go against the tides,” and become fearful of what we may encounter during these moments, that one turns to the use of substances in order to perhaps deny what is BEing shared with us from Spirit. Also, when a productive, creative outlet–and Creativity may demonstrate itself in many forms, not just in the realms of art and music–is not available, is when one turns to the consumption of substances such as drugs and alcohol. Neptune represents profound and prolific Creativity, as was shown to Humanity during the time of the Renaissance in the Creations of the Great Masters, as well as the diabolical and devastating indulgence of low vibrational substances such as drugs–either “legal” or illegal–and alcohol.

When the “veil is thin,” as it is so during the Jupiter / Neptune alignment, especially with Neptune in its home sign representing all things concerning the Spirit realm, Pisces, the experience of interacting with benevolent, as well as malevolent energy is at hand. We are ALWAYS at choice as to which end of the vibrational spectrum we are choosing to connect with. Removing ourselves from that which may cause us to become invasively, Spiritually vulnerable and highly susceptible to negative, low-frequency psychic influences, as is the case with the use of drugs and alcohol, is strongly recommended. These experiences further cause one to become Spiritually exposed and susceptible to the possibility of negative influences. One of my many “sayings,” is that there is a little known reason as to why alcohol is referred to as “Spirits;” and that’s because that is exactly what the extravagance of these elements attracts to one’s encounters while in a Human overcoat!

At this New Moon, choose to Know the potential of your personal Genius!

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also magnificent.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2019 Raymond J. Sette

Capricorn New Moon

Solar Eclipse

January 5, 2019

8:29 PM, EST

Washington, D.C.

Our subsequent New Moon, which is also a Solar Eclipse, resides in the sign Capricorn, the element which reverberates with animals with cloven hoofs and horns, business matters, corporations, most facets of government and Jack Frost. The final Earth sign of the Tropical Zodiac represents mathematics and mathematicians, old age and onyx, politics, politicians, time and tombs. The New Moon BEing a Solar Eclipse indicates a prominent time for a New Beginning. On a monthly basis, the New Moon begins the 28 day Lunar Cycle and so a Solar Eclipse commences a more influential, profound cycle of experience of a longer interval of time. The Sun and Moon blend together at 15 degrees of Capricorn, and so, as with all Lunation and planetary activity, look to its exact position in your charts and the aspects created to understand how to implement these New Moon potentials into your reality!

Along with the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, we have the ruler of “The Sea-goat,” Saturn, in close proximity at almost 12 degrees and Pluto at 20 degrees. We also have Mercury, somewhat further away from the amalgamation at 1 degree of Capricorn. In the coming weeks, as well as in the ensuing 6 months until our next “Eclipse Season” in July, we must allow ourselves to be abundantly aware of all that which may endeavor to thwart the continual REVELATION of the Awakening of our personal power as well as the understanding as to how “We The People” have been kept in a perpetual state of compromised well-being.

The institutions of government, large corporations and banking establishments and institutions–as we understand them as such–are DISSOLVING. In the coming times, we may very well observe the end of the aforesaid environments so that a much more fair and impartial establishment comes to form. As I have painstakingly inspired “We The People” to recognize, all that is happening during these most unprecedented times of Revelations and The Apocalypse, is unfurling the experience of a “Government of the People, for the People, by the People,” as it was intended to BE so by the Founding Fathers of The United States.  Heretofore, the government has been debilitating and controlling the People since as far back as the times of Abraham Lincoln.

In the New Moon / Solar Eclipse cast for the United States, the Capricorn elements occupy the 5th house of the New Moon composition. This emphasis to the 5th house, which is the house of Leo, encourages “We The People”  (as we have been inspired to finally realize, especially since 2014), to embrace our personal power, acknowledge the presence of Divinity within the self and  to empower ourselves in the Knowing that everyone of us is the “Master Of Our Destiny” and that we are Creating as well as MISCreating all that we encounter while in the Human Experience and that nothing, No-THING is just a “random” occurrence! When we ALLOW ourselves to ACKNOWLEDGE this Higher Knowing and recognize how we Create and inadvertently MISCreate all which we encounter on this Journey through the Creative process of “Thought, Word and Deed,” and then correct where the MISCreations originate, we then observe how all that comes to form on our path is much more in alignment with that which we truly desire!

Many times, if not at all times, when one is BEing offered the opportunity to recognize how very much we are “in control” and instrumental in Creating all our experiences, we may encounter the OPPORTUNITY to engage with one who may attempt at inflicting their power over us! When BEing Inspired (In-Spirit) to Know our personal power, this DOES NOT suggest we are to inflict that power and control over another. And, when we, Spiritually and Metaphysically, refer to “personal power”, we share the understanding of our ability to manifest and bring to form all that we desire and experience while on Earth. The exact same POWER which Evolutionarily Created All things, has been imbued in each one of us at the moment of our physical birth. For millennia, if not longer, “We The People” have been misguided, misinformed, deceived, kept in a compromised state of well being–specifically by the reliance on and overindulgence in all forms of pharmaceuticals and various other substances–so that “The Underworld, Cabal, Powers That Be,” may maintain their oppressive jurisdiction over the populous. And now, the tides are turning and this New Moon / Solar Eclipse is a marvelous “turning point” for “We The People” to finally embrace the Higher Truth of our Creative BEing as well as the Knowing of how we have been derailed by disastrous “untruths” generated by propaganda through conventional media.

Jupiter and Neptune form a volatile, yet Creative and Dynamic square alignment with one another at this New Moon. The “lower vibration” manifestation of this arrangement demonstrates itself in an over inflated ego and display of self righteousness, which we may observe displaying itself in the outer world in the realms of conventional religion and perhaps a “fall from grace” experience of a religious principal. Engaging in any spectral activity during this type of an alignment is not necessarily suggested as we are susceptible to etheric energetic “attacks.” In order to connect with the “higher vibration” of this encounter, we must ALLOW ourselves to BE clear in our etheric BEing and grounded with the energies of the Earth as well as request “protection” against any negative interFEARance, from the Angelic Realm. Endeavoring upon highly creative activities such as in the experience of art, music, cooking, etc. are elements to employ in using this configuration from a much more Creatively constructive experience.

Neptune also forms a beneficial, 60-degree alignment to the Sun and Moon as well as to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, indicating the opportunity to Lovingly connect with Spirit during what may seem to be a tumultuous occurrence so that we might CHOOSE to be Lovingly Inspired and Guided by Spirit in the Knowing that “All Is Well,” even though it may SEEM disastrously unwell in the outer world.

Mercury forms a blessed trine, 120-degree alignment to the constituent of “Great Change” as well as its “higher octave,” Uranus, offering the ability to unconventionally think outside the box, as well as connect with the higher levels of intelligence that dwell in the Higher Realms. This is the exact same opportunity Albert Einstein connected with when Spirit shared with him the “Theory of Relativity” and other Higher, abstract Information.

The prominence of Pluto, the constituent of immense power as well as devastating destruction, suggests “The Underworld” may once again endeavor at attempting its “last ditch efforts” at maintaining its control and power–which it is losing–over “We The People.” On January 11, 2019 at 6:37 AM, EST, the Sun and Pluto conjoin, and when this “once-a-year” alignment comes to form, we seem to observe in the outer world an experience from some power figure attempting to inflict its muscle over others. Use this alignment as another opportunity to fortify your personal knowing of your individual Evolutionarily Creative Power of Divinity!

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also magnificent.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

© 2018 Raymond J. Sette

Sagittarius New Moon

December 7, 2018

2:20 AM, EST

Washington, D.C.

Our ensuing New Moon occupies the sign Sagittarius, the sign which resonates with, among many elements; abundance, Australia, dreams and faith, ones ideals, far away journeys, philanthropy and philosophy. Sagittarius governs prayers, preachers and preaching, spirituality, universities, visions and wisdom! As always, look to where the New Moon resides in your personal astrological chart to attain a higher understanding of how to implement these planetary potentials into your consciousness.

The Sun and Moon merger resides at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, and the most influential aspect to the Lunation is generated from a creative and dynamic, 90-degree “square” energy aspect, from Neptune at almost 14 degrees of watery Pisces. I have painstakingly illustrated in previous writings how we are inspired to approach all Neptunian energies from a place of loving caution. Our Nebulous friend Neptune contains the potential to create confusion, disorientation, drug and alcohol abuse, deception and mass delusions when the energy at hand is perceived from a lower, 3rd dimensional understanding. When we transcend to a Higher Knowing, which Sagittarius offers the opportunity to experience and embrace, tenuous Neptune offers great clarity, profound Spiritual Knowing, as well as Spiritual Love, “genius level” Creativity, and shall always DISSOLVE all delusion and illusion which may have been MIS-Created by our 3rd dimensional, debilitatingly limited and logical consciousness.

“We The People” have been inspired by Spirit to continually BEcome acutely aware of how so much information (more precisely MISinformation) in the outer, 3rd dimensional realm of consciousness–specifically through the element of conventional media–has been designed by the Underworld to keep the populous in a condition of perpetual confusion, disorientation, compromised state of well BE-ing, as well as continually being MISinformed regarding the actual condition of this Human realm of consciousness and the “events of the day.”

I have discussed in various forecast the opportunities for “We The People” to BEcome aware of our connection with the Higher Self and Higher Mind–Blessings most associated with the sign Sagittarius. This New Moon is yet another opportunity to BE aware of this element, as well as to clear the etheric connection–especially in the days leading to the New Moon–with our Higher Self! When the spectral link to the Higher Mind / Higher Self, is clear of lower dimensional debris and interFEARance, we receive, from Spirit great clarity, inspiration, guidance as well as a Higher Understanding of all external, 3rd dimensional experiences. We are also Inspired to “detach” from an “absolute” outcome of any condition / situation, and by BEing so, we receive further clarity and Higher “Truth” to any lower frequency, 3rd dimensional experience.

In 2009, in the Astrological Chart of the United States, Neptune entered into the 3rd house sector of the composition. The 3rd house–the “Natural” house of Gemini­, the opposite of Sagittarius–represents among many elements, most forms of communication. This passage of Neptune further indicates how the elements of misinformation and confusion has been present, interestingly enough since the time of the “great recession”–which I have observed as something that is not as it has appeared and “We The People” shall be continually offered Higher Knowing of this experience as well as other events which have been misrepresented in the our country by the Dark Hats. Once again, “We” are experiencing the times of Revelations and the Apocalypse!

The aforementioned alignment from Neptune to the New Moon at this Lunation–when we are CLEAR in our BEing and GROUNDED to and with the energies of the Earth–heightens the Psychic faculties, generates profound Creative Inspiration and offers great insights into the occurrences in our personal lives and outer world. Allow yourself at the New Moon, and in the ensuing weeks, to perhaps embark upon a process to fortify your innate intuitive abilities, as well as BEcoming acutely aware of how we may also be vulnerable to etheric interFEARance when doing so, and embrace the knowledge of all energetic tools available for “Psychic Protection!”

Authors Diana Burney and Diane Stein have many published works elaborating upon the essential tools for “Psychic Protection,” which I have offered as reading suggestions, to all those Beginning to experience a heightening of the Psychic Faculties as well as those inspired to further develop their own intuitive abilities and work in conjunction with Spirit to further your Knowing of this vast subject.

In the New Moon chart cast for the United States, we have peaceful Libra rising. One of the many constituents of Libra is our innate connection with Nature and the Natural World. When we allow ourselves to enJOY quiet time in Nature, we become acutely aware of our native connection with the Spirit Realm. The BEing of Spirit is lavishly present in Nature, we also observe when in Nature, that the Blessings of Abundance are EVERYWHERE! And so our inherent experience of abundance in all things is also very much a part of our Human Encounter! This beatitude is something which everyone is entitled to experience while enJOYing this Human Journey. And so, perhaps in the time approaching the New Moon, allow yourself to acknowledge what lower thoughts and limited thinking do not allow you to experience Abundance in all facets of the Human experience and then boldly dissolve the Illusions which may not allow your to enJOY the beauty of abundance!

In the coming weeks, allow yourself to be aware of the potential of erroneous and disastrous misinformation as well as events occurring in the outer world which may not actually BE as they appear. When we choose to receive Higher Knowing and Insights to any situation, without an attachment to the final result of the information, Spirit shall always, lovingly share with us Its Insights and Inspiration. Also remember, this Higher information may not be what we might “believe” to be so. Detach from the outcome, and you will be shown, with great clarity, Higher Truths.

Sagittarius, as I have esoterically shared in the past, represents Higher BEings, perhaps of extraterrestrial origin. We are on the threshold of another opportunity where these divinely blessed BEing may show themselves in order to assist Humanity on its Spiritual, Creative Evolution.

The New Moon is less than 3 degrees from the ascendant, rising sign of the United States Astrological chart which represents “We The People.” This alignment suggests that “We” are on the threshold of an awakening (Revelation) and “Higher Understanding” of who “We” really are as well as the disclosure of the actual origin of our species. Spirit suggests that “We” allow ourselves to enJOY BEing at Peace within the “self” so that you will BE Lovingly guided by Spirit as to what is actual and what may be a deception.

Finally, the day before the New Moon on December 6, 2018, the “Messenger Of the Gods,” Mercury, has moved direct in its orbit. Be aware that not until Mercury moves beyond its “shadow period” on December 24, 2018, are we fully clear of the retrograde energies. Let us Trust the presence of Love within our BEing, and keep in mind this passage;

You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is Truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of Truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of [Creative] Evolution. ~Anonymous

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also magnificent.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

     Scorpio New Moon

November 7, 2018

11:02 AM, EST

Washington, D.C.

Our ensuing New Moon resides in the sign Scorpio, the sign which resonates with, among many elements: power, empowerment, great and prevailing transformation (of the “self” as well as the collective of Humanity) death and rebirth, the innate ability to manifest all that we Desire, and, at the lower end of the vibrational spectrum, power over others. The Sun and Moon unification is located at 15 degrees of Scorpio. Remember to examine the exact placement of the Lunation in your natal chart and the aspects it forms to the points in your chart in order to best understand how to assimilate these energies on a more personal manner.

In 2014, Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, began to form a powerful, transformative and empowering opposition (Full Moon) alignment to the Natal Sun in the Astrological Chart of the United States ushering in a time of great transformation of America, specifically for “We The People.” This extraordinary phenomena began a time of empowerment, self-empowerment, for “We The People” both individually and collectively. This New Moon, which triggers the energies of the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse, is one perhaps final moment in the Creative Evolution (Pluto) of Humanity, for the individual and collective of “We,” in the United States specifically, to Know, from a place of Love and Humility, our innate, God / Spirit / Love-imbued power of Creation! And, when President Trump declared in his inauguration speech; “today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another–but transferring it from Washington DC and giving it BACK to YOU the people…” the OPPORTUNITY for “We The People” to Know and regain this power was further set in motion.

The “power” is BEing given back to “the People” and the Underworld, Dark Hats and Cabal, shall no longer inflict “power over others” and cause the majority of the People to exist in a compromised state of well-being. And, this element of the Knowing of One’s “power” also connects with BEing accountable and responsible for all that we set in motion through our thoughts, words and deeds.  This self empowering Knowing, which has been offered by Spirit, is for us to embrace and incorporate in all that “We” are BEing while continuing to enJOY this Human experience.

The 15 degree position of any Astrological sign is the “midpoint” of its 30 degree span. The midpoint is a significant marking where the sign may demonstrate its greatest or weakest potential and is offered the opportunity to BE so, dependent upon one’s established choices. This can be likened to the midpoint of an arch, as in the construction of an arch bridge such as the Bayonne Bridge in Bayonne, New Jersey or the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia.  If this point is the “weakest link in the chain,” it will create a compromise in the integrity of the structure of the bridge. The same is applied to the signs of the Zodiac.

When we “Know” our innate power of Evolutionary Creation, from a place of Love and Humility, and we do NOT inflict this power over another, we become the “Master Of Our Destiny,” and nothing, no-thing, in the outer world contains the capacity to inflict its control over “We The People.” Here in the United States, the “power” is BEing given back to “We The People,” as it was designed to Be so as was Created by the Founding Fathers of the United States. The experience of a Government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” is BEing reinstated as well as the restore to its original intention the United States Constitution, which over more years than we can imagine, has become impotent.

The Sun / Moon amalgamation is located at the highest point–the 10th house–in the New Moon chart cast for the United States, further emphasizing the element of the rise of the power of “We The People,” as well as a “coming together” (a New Moon) of the People and Leaders as BEing “co-creative” with one another. And, as I have painstakingly illustrated in many forecast, especially since 2014, the Underworld is endeavoring upon its “last ditch efforts” to maintain its control over “We The People.” In the coming weeks, and until our next Eclipse Season in January 2019, we may observe an elevation of this demonstration coming to form in the outer world. Again, when we are BEing “in the World and not of it,” and in a place of Love, Knowing our innate power, nothing, NO THING, in the outer world has power over us. We also enJOY an experience of well-being, existing in a place of Knowing we are forever connected to the Source which Evolutionarily Created all things, and that all we may require to enJOY the experience of well-being is shared with us, from Spirit, with Love.

Neptune, who remains retrograde in Pisces until November 24, 2018, forms a harmonic, trine (120-degree) energy alignment to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. The water signs (Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces) are the most “psychic” signs of the Zodiac. With this effortless ease alignment from the planet most known for its representation of the psychic faculties, connecting to intuitive Scorpio, the potential to interact with Spirit, and receive loving guidance from Spirit, as well as BEing Inspired (In-Spirit) from Spirit to further assist us along this Creative Evolutionary path, is very much at hand. With this heightened sensitivity to the Spirit Realm, we must also employ the tools of energetic protection against any malevolent, etheric interFEARance.

Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, is just below the horizon in the New Moon chart and is metaphorically “ready to rise above.” This position from the planet which most embodies great power, is yet another indication of the elevation of the power of the people. Pluto forms a sextile (60-degree) energy, OPPORTUNITY alignment to the Sun and Moon, compounding the Blessings at hand for all of “We The People” to Know our inherent power of Evolutionary Creation and become the “Master Of Our Destiny!”

Finally, the “real enemy” is NOT whom we may believe–or we have been influenced to believe by the false media–to be this constituent. The actual sinister, diabolical force–the Underworld–shall always “shine the spotlight” on another in attempts at diverting the attention from itself so that it may remain hidden and continue its ominous deeds. This dastardly force shall always work “behind the scenes” keeping itself clandestine so that it might continue with its mendacious plans at inflicting its power, control and manipulation over “We The People.” And, now is the time for this menacing force to finally be disclosed–the essence of these times of Revelations and the Apocalypse–and for the pendulum to swing in the other direction, returning the power to the People. This attempt at the Dark Forces to misdirect our attention towards another is a yet one final ploy by the Underworld to DERAIL “We The People” from Knowing its Power! Offer this element no power, and this constituent shall have no power over you.

“What truly matters is not what party controls our government but that this government is controlled by the people...”

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not resonate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette.

Libra New Moon

October 8, 2018

11:47 PM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our on the horizon New Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Libra, the sign which governs balance and boutiques, equilibrium and esthetics, harmony, jewelry, lilies and matrimony. Libra represents pacifism and the pacifist, quartz, red crimson, violets and wigs. Assess the precise placement and the aspects the New Moon creates in your personal, astrological charts as a guide as to how to best apply, set into motion and make the most of these planetary potentials on an individual level.

The Sun / Moon union resides at almost 16 degrees of Libra and one of the most prominent influences to the Sun / Moon amalgamation is a transformative, creative and dynamic alignment from Pluto at almost 19 degrees of Capricorn. This sometimes volatile, yet transmutative energy, suggests that “We The People” are at a time of great Evolutionary, Creative Transformative change, and that in the coming months, some of the most “eye opening” (if we choose to see) disclosure of the atrocities which have been inflicted upon “We The People” for millennia, shall be revealed to those with eyes who choose to “see.”

We must discern, from a place of Peacefulness and Love, all information, more precisely, MIS-information being shown to us, especially in the realm of conventional media. The possibility to be misled, deceived, given a “false sense of security,” by the Underworld, whose desire is for “We The People” to remain in a perpetual state of confusion and compromised state of well-being, may very much be at hand. And, when we allow ourselves to be clear in our aura fields and grounded with the energy of the Earth, we shall observe with great clarity as to what may be a deception and what is a self-empowering, Higher Truth.

Neptune at 14 degrees of Pisces creates a transformative, inconjunct (150-degree) alignment to the Sun and Moon. This configuration, among many elements, presents the opportunity for a “Spiritual Transformation,” especially at the personal level and on a Global scale. Also, this arrangement offers the prospect to progress to an elevated level of consciousness regarding the understanding of the Human body’s innate ability to heal the physical form. And, when we include elements which originate from the Natural World (Libra), we permit the body to heal its self as it was designed by that which Evolutionarily Created all things. Healing modalities which are given to Humanity from Nature (God) such as essential oils, herbs and teas are vital, powerful healing techniques, which among many benefits, produce no side effects. One of the greatest “Reveals” during these times of “Revelations and The Apocalypse” is how “We The People” have been kept in a compromised state of well-being from the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the arena of inoculations and antibiotics as well as a superfluity of other chemicals. The time is at hand to embrace this Higher Knowing of how the physical form, the Human Body, has the innate ability to heal itself. At this New Moon, permit yourself the Blessing to welcome this Higher Knowing, especially if you have experienced an imbalanced state of well-being and have felt as though conventional healing modalities have been ineffective.

There is a plethora of information regarding Alternative, Natural healing modalities, as well as the benefits of incorporating a

“Plant Based Diet,” which allow the body to fully function as it was Designed. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities, and incorporate what might resonate for you personally.

In the New Moon chart cast for the United States, Neptune resides in the 9th house sector of the New Moon design and the Sun / Moon union, in the 4th house region. A simply stated, and somewhat esoteric explanation of a more complex elucidation, is that in the coming months, we may very well observe an “intervention” from a Higher Power–perhaps of extraterrestrial origin–because “We The People” are no longer “playing nicely in the sandbox.” To reiterate a statement from my previous “New

Moon” forecast;

“‘We[The People]’ also need to be aware of how the Underworld may ‘misrepresent’ these Higher BEings (Extraterrestrials) as being hostile so as to instill fear, as was the case with the 1938 ‘War of The Worlds’ radio broadcast. However, at this time, there may be something more diabolical than a radio show at hand, Created by the Underworld, to infuse fear and panic in the masses of Higher Beings and derail the populous from receiving the messages of Love and Inspiration.”

Our Earth / Nature / Gaia is also in a place of great regeneration. Since Uranus has transited into the Earth sign of Taurus, we have observed an intensified elevation of shifts in the Earth’s energy with an elevation of seismic and volcanic activity. These experiences are necessary for the Earth to release stressors, and these experiences certainly are not intended, nor are they required to cause great devastation. I suggest to embrace the Higher

Knowing that: “When we calm the ‘storms’ within the self, we quiet the ‘storms’ in the outer world.” The more that we choose to remain Peaceful (Libra) from within the individual self, the more we shall observe this Peace coming to form in the outside world.

Also, this condition of self-Peacefulness may certainly “calm” the Earth and allow itself to regenerate from a place of Love and not through destruction and devastation.

We, People and Planet are One, and this Higher Knowing is another Beautiful Blessing to welcome on your Spiritual Journey at this New Moon.

The Balsamic Moon phase begins October 5, 2018 at 3:08 PM, EDT and indicates an auspicious opportunity to release, cleanse, clear and purge that which no longer serves a purpose so that we may begin the next Lunar Cycle with a clean slate. During this phase, ask to be shown, with bold, perhaps brazen courage, as to what may no longer serve a greater purpose for you regarding your personal, well-being regimen, as well as the possibility of what Spiritual beliefs may have become outmoded so that you might welcome a new, Higher Spiritual Awareness to employ on your Spiritual Path.

Finally, on October 5, 2018 at 3:05 PM, EDT, Venus, the element of Nature, Love and Beauty, has moved retrograde and will remain so until November 16, 2018. The Venus Retrograde period is a favorable opportunity to reflect and review all relationships– romantic and otherwise–as well as all forms of partnership. And, since Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra, this is another prospect to remember our innate connection with Nature and The Elementals.

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette.

Virgo New Moon

September 9, 2018

2:02 PM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our on the horizon New Moon resides in the sign Virgo, the sign representing, among many elements, care, health and well-being of the physical body, dark indefinite colors, gardens and gardeners, Mesopotamia and Morea. Virgo governs pantries and patterns, restaurants and rye, satire and stenographers as well as wheat fields and woodbine. As I always endeavor to Inspire, look to the exact placement of the New Moon in your personal astrological composition and the aspects it creates to the points in your chart in order to better, more personally, implement these New Moon Blessings.

The most influential alignment of the New Moon design is a “Full Moon,” or opposition (180 degrees), aspect created by Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces to the Sun / Moon amalgamation at 17 degrees of Virgo. The Virgo / Pisces axis represents, among many elements, the Fear / Trust polarity dynamic. To further entwine the Blessings into the New Moon configuration, we have Jupiter at 18 degrees of Scorpio forming a “With Grace and Ease,” trine energy aspect to Neptune, and an “opportunity,” sextile energy aspect to the Sun and Moon.

First, the Neptune opposition to the Sun and Moon emphatically suggests we embrace the Awareness of BEing “In the World and not of It.” Our illusory, oftentimes nebulous, friend Neptune creates illusion, confusion and sometimes deception–when we perceive all things outside of the self (3rd dimension) with our Human hindered eyes. When Neptune is prominent, Spirit strongly suggests we go within to the Sacred Sanctuary of the Self, clear our energy fields and ground ourselves to and with the energy of the Earth so that we might choose to quiet the mind and receive the Inspiration (In-Spirit) from the Higher Realms. There are forces in the outer world–The Cabal, Underworld, etc.–which have been embarking upon their “last ditch efforts” at keeping the collective of Humanity, “We The People,” in a state of confusion and fear which then we MISCreate into a compromised state of well-being, condition of lack, and rampant chaos. These elementals are losing their “power over the People,” and shall certainly not give up without a continued fight. And, as with any element in the physical, third dimensional world, nothing has ANY power over us, save the power we give to it.

The element of fear, which interFEARs in all things, is BEing dissolved. Remember this as we continually progress through these times of Revelations and The Apocalypse, and do not allow the fear projected from an outside source interFEAR with your Peace and well being.

Our Virgo New Moon is also offering the Inspiration of recognizing how the physical form has been imbued with the power to heal itself–of course, when it is ALLOWED to BE so without the interFEARance of the outer, synthetic forces. The Neptune alignment to the New Moon welcomes the Knowing of the innate, healing elements which exist in Nature and the Natural World. BEing in Nature, communing and communicating with Nature, the Natural Elements, Elementals, and all BEings which dwell in Nature, offer a most Blessed opportunity to be Healed, as well as energetically grounded. I certainly Desire to Inspire all those who receive these words to discover for themselves the power of Healing which exists in the Natural World. This Higher Knowing is another Blessed Beatitude to incorporate into our Human experiences as we continually progress through these most unprecedented times of Revelations and the Apocalypse.

A grand element during these extraordinary days is the Blessing for “We The People” to take back our power regarding our Health and well BEing. “Big Pharma” is continually losing its “Power” over “We The People,” and the more “We” empower ourselves in the knowing of the innate ability of the body to heal itself, WHEN IT IS ALLOWED TO BE SO, we no longer “give away” our power to an outside source. This is not to suggest we no longer employ the guidance of those who Lovingly choose to assist us in the correction of whatever may require healing of the physical form. With the Higher Knowing of the body’s ability to heal itself, we heal in conjunction (when needed) with the assistance of another who will Inspire us to know the necessary elements to incorporate into our experience which shall continually facilitate the condition of optimum health and well being.

In the coming weeks, we must allow ourselves to not be inundated or overwhelmed with the confusion and fear BEing projected from the outside world. Much information generated in the outer world (in the Media) will be riddled with confusion and contradictory fractions. BE aware.

The New Moon resides in the 9th house of the Natal Astrological chart of the United States. One of the strongest elements which is resident to the 9th house sector is the presence of, and our connection with, the “Higher Mind.” This is the facet, which we all are connected to and with, of our self that exists in the Spirit Realm and is free of 3rd dimensional, limited and logical interFEARance. Everyone contains the ability to receive, through this connection, Higher Knowing, Insights, Inspiration and Awareness which is freely, lovingly shared with us from Spirit–when we CHOOSE to receive these Blessings.

The “collective” Higher Mind of “We The People,” is stimulated at this time, and “We” are collectively receiving guidance and Inspiration regarding ourselves personally, as well as what is unfolding on a Creative Evolutionary level in the United States. The United States is BEcoming the “benchmark” for which all other Nations shall establish themselves, and this constituent shall unfold progressively until 2025. It may not necessarily BE apparent to most how this is unfurling, and when we ALLOW ourselves to Trust (Neptune) in a Higher Power, and dissolve (Neptune) the 3rd dimensional illusion and our attachment to the outcome of any situation, we shall be shown exactly how “The Universe is unfolding as it needs.”

The Benevolent alignment from Jupiter to the Sun / Moon and Neptune ease the flow of information and Inspiration BEing offered from Spirit for those who choose to receive. This energy fortifies the already present opportunity of the stimulation of the channels to the Higher Mind and the availability of Higher Knowing and Insights, specifically information at the Creative Evolutionary level. The opportunity for “We The People” to receive Higher Truth is present, if we quiet the Mind and allow ourselves to “hear” what Spirit is sharing and Trust in the Knowing.

The 9th house, Higher Mind sector of the Astrological Chart also represents the element of “Higher Beings,” such as Extraterrestrials. There have been, in the past, instances where these Benevolent Ones have communicated with Humanity in order to assist with the Creative Evolution for “We The People” while “We” are enJOYing this Human experience. Once again, the collective of Humanity is at a time when these Higher BEings may undeniably “reveal” themselves with messages of Love, Guidance and Inspiration. “We” also need to be aware of how the Underworld may “misrepresent” these Higher BEings as being hostile so as to instill fear, as was the case with the 1938 “War of The Worlds” radio broadcast. However, at this time, there may be something more diabolical than a radio show at hand from the Underworld to infuse fear and panic in the masses of Higher Beings and derail the populous from receiving the messages of Love and Inspiration.

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not resonate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

“You must learn to be sensitive to the Voice within that can tell you what is Truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the Voice of Truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of [Creative] Evolution…May you be Blessed by the Supreme Love and Truth of the Cosmos.” ~Anonymous

©2018 Raymond J. Sette.

Leo New Moon

Solar Eclipse / SuperMoon

August 11, 2018

5:58 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our imminent New Moon / Solar Eclipse / Super Moon, resides in the sign Leo; the sign of chamomile, children and chrysolite as well as Creativity and all things connected with the Heart, Love, the Sun and warmth. Our New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, so be aware that the energies of an Eclipse can be felt up to 3 months prior to the actual Eclipse occurrence and may remain influential for up to 6 months, and in some instances, even longer.

Be abundantly alert of all the energy you set in motion during the day before, the day of and the day after the Solar Eclipse as the intentions and energy cast on those days contain the potential to remain in effect for up to 6 months and sometimes for greater durations! Remember to review the exact location of the Solar Eclipse and the aspects it creates to your personal astrological chart to better understand how to apply these most significant, new beginning possibilities!

First, I Inspire (In-Spirit) you to reflect on what was BEing experienced for you personally last year at the time of the “Great American Eclipse” on August 21, 2017. What has changed / shifted for you energetically and otherwise? What has come to your Awareness about yourself and your path and greater purpose? Allow yourself, in the days leading to our Solar Eclipse, beginning with the Balsamic Moon on August 7, 2018, to reflect on this past year for you and allow yourself to be cleansed and cleared of any remaining interFEARance with a full Awakening of your “Self” as BEing a “God Self” and “Love In Action BEing!” Leo, the sign connected with Love and all things Love related, awakens us to the element of Love within ourselves.

At this New Moon, permit yourself to incorporate the constituent of “Self Love” in all that you are BEing and experiencing in any moment of any day. If there exists a situation which does not allow yourself to embrace the component of self love, permit yourself the courage (Leo) to release the interFEARance, and to wholeheartedly embrace the Blessing of Self Love on this New Moon / Solar Eclipse. And, if you are not clear as to what might interFEAR with the allowing of Self Love, ask Spirit, with courage and conviction, to be shown with great clarity as to what may need to be cleared and released so that you may now fully embrace the beatitude of Self Love within your BEing. We are Evolutionarily Created from the Love of Divinity, and this Love, as well as Divinity, exists in each one of us. Permit yourself at this New Moon, and moving forward, to remember this Knowing from a place of Love and Humility and observe the Blessings which you attract and Create.

At the moment of the Solar Eclipse, the element of Leo is rising on the Horizon. In the days leading to the New Moon, we experienced the annual opening of the Lions Gate portal, which is exact on August 8 and is represented by “two Suns rising” with the rising of the star Sirius and our Sun, Helios, at sunrise and begins the planetary “New Year.” The “double Sun” energy of this phenomena is also present at the moment of this Solar Eclipse, as the Eclipse begins 4 minutes before sunrise, EDT, in the chart cast for the United States. This most blessed occurrence is a reoccurring opportunity each year for us to remember the element of Creative Divinity which resides in everyone!

Jupiter at 14 degrees of Scorpio forms a creative and dynamic square (90-degree) alignment to the Sun and Moon, as well as to Mercury. This alignment, if demonstrated from a low-vibration understanding, is displayed as an over-inflated sense of the  E.G.O., (Edge God Out) which may be a ploy from the dark forces to keep us distracted from recognizing the true Blessing at hand, which is to Know from a place of Love our Creative Divinity. Be aware to request from Spirit the element of protection against any negative and less than loving energies that may attempt at interFEARing with your clarity of intention during this time of the Solar Eclipse so that you might set in motion all that you Desire with unhindered certainty.

The Mercury retrograde in the sign Leo, provides another opportunity to REmember our connection with Divinity as well as the experience of BEing a Creative BEing.

Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn forms a transformative inconjunct (150-degree) alignment to the Sun and Moon. This prevalent arrangement offers the opportunity to recall our innate ability to bring to form, manifest / create, all that we desire because the element of the source which evolutionarily created all things has been instilled within our being at the time of our physical birth. This influential component also offers a most blessed opportunity to dissolve any ego-based thinking which shall always interFEAR with our innate ability to Create all things from a place of Love. Each of us has been Created from the Love of Divinity, the E.G.O., when in balance, allows us to remain Humble in the Knowing of this element. If the E.G.O. becomes over inflated, we become self-righteous, we attempt at inflicting power and control over others and we mis-qualify the Creative potential of our BEing.

At the moment of the New Moon, we have Uranus, “The Great Awakener,” at the highest point in the New Moon chart cast for the United States. Saturn forms a harmonic, “with ease and grace,” (120-degree) alignment to Uranus continually assisting us in the Awakening to the Knowing of our innate, God-self, Creative Divinity Potential. This “effortless ease” alignment also facilitates the Knowing and Awakening to our Higher Self as well as a Higher Purpose. This elevated placement of Uranus may also imply the observation of continual heightened chaos or uncertainty in the outer world. And, when we allow ourselves to observe the external situations from a place of detachment, we recognize that these situations have no bearing upon our well being, and this demonstration shall also offer us a Higher Awareness and understanding of the overall, quantum significance of these external events, which, Metaphysically, are only illusions.

The final of three Jupiter / Neptune trine (120-degree) alignments will be exact on August 19, 2018 at 3:44 AM, EDT and is in effect at the New Moon. This alignment offers grand receptivity of Inspiration and Guidance from Spirit with ease and Grace, provided we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the energy of the Earth. If possible, on August 18, 19 and 20, allow yourself to be free and clear of any energetic interFEARances, especially from all electronics. Clear and ground yourself and connect with the energy of the Earth. Meditate, pray, engage in Yoga and allow Spirit to share with you its most Blessed Knowing about the Beauty of You.

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not resonate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette.