Libra New Moon

October 19, 2017
3:13 PM, EDT
Washington, D.C.

Our forthcoming New Moon occupies the sign Libra, the sign that presides over art and fine arts, as well as artist of all kinds, beautiful objects, beauty parlors, diamonds and flowers in general. Libra governs social gatherings, grace and harmony, Nature, peace, poetry and symmetry. Appraise the precise placement and the aspects the New Moon creates in your personal, astrological charts as a guide as to how to best apply, set into motion and make the most of these planetary potentials on an individual level.

The Sun / Moon union resides at 26 degrees of Libra and the most considerable influence to the Sun and Moon amalgamation comes from an opposition, “Full Moon” energy aspect, created by the one of profound change and great awakenings, Uranus, who is located at 26 degrees of Aries!

Unnerving chaos shall always pave the road for grand, pivotal and profound change, and “We The People” are undeniably in times of illustrious change! Aquarius, the Astrological Sign which is governed by Uranus, is rising on the horizon at the time of the New Moon, further emphasizing the element of overwhelming revolution. “We The People” are being offered the opportunity, from Spirit, to become ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for all that we set in motion, first through intention and thought, then with word and action. The great Ghandi declared, as we have been Inspired to Know from many great Philosophers, “BE the CHANGE you DESIRE to see in the World!” Unless “We The People” change from WITHIN FIRST, nothing in our country, or in the entirety of Humanity, shall change.

Aquarius and Uranus are the elements of Revolution, The New Age, representing an era of Great and Grand Awakenings, Revelations and The Apocalypse, and I might add, as I have shared in recent lectures;

We’ve heard of “The Apocalypse,” “Armageddon” and “Revelations,” and mistakenly associate these with destruction. Rather, these are times of Opportunity for unprecedented and profound changing, greater self-awareness and empowerment that will usher in the “Age of Aquarius.”

Undeniably, we are in the thrust of this Great Change and at this powerful New Moon opportunity, we shall be offered personally to accept and become the Change we wish to see in our world! Allow yourself to be guided during these moments as to how, individually, you might be that change in the world. Beginning with the “Balsamic Moon,” on October 15, 2017 at 9:23 PM, EDT, ask to be shown, from Spirit, what it is that you might need to eliminate while in the dark moon phase and then incorporate at this critical New Moon so that you might, in your own personal manner, be in that place of elevated, higher consciousness change, which shall facilitate the process of critical change in the outer world.

At the moment of the New Moon, our Great Awakener, Uranus, also forms an opposition to the planet associated with the mind, our thought process and our beliefs, Mercury. In these last unprecedented years, we have been lovingly offered the opportunity to move beyond “third dimensional,” highly logical thinking which creates, at times, debilitating limitations, so that we might choose to see what thoughts and beliefs no longer serve a greater purpose, certainly for ourselves and as well as for the entirety of Humanity. This New Moon blessing is such a time for us personally to eliminate the limited thinking which keeps us in a place of disempowerment and limitations and to move past the logic of the third dimension and embrace a manner of thinking which offers possibilities far beyond what we might perceive through the restricted thoughts connected with the E.G.O. (Edge God Out).

Nature, balance, symmetry, peace, harmony, creativity are a few of the high vibrational, most Blessed elements of Libra. At this New Moon, choose to welcome and weave these beatitudes into all that you create and experience in your daily existence.

Saturn at 23 degrees of the sign of “The Higher Mind,” Sagittarius, forms an opportunity, 60-degree sextile aspect to the New Moon energy offering the discipline, determination and structure, as well as forming a stable foundation, needed to incorporate these high frequency elements suggested by Spirit into your consciousness.

Jupiter, who transitioned into transformative Scorpio on October 10, 2017 at 9:21 AM, EDT, is factored into the New Moon equation. This placement offers the opportunity to, especially during the Balsamic / Dark Moon phase, regenerate, transform and transmute all lower frequency thinking so that we might clear the etheric channels of communication with Sprit so that we might clearly receive and embrace higher forms of thought through Inspiration from the Etheric Realm.

As Jupiter transits Scorpio, and before it progresses into its “home sign” of Sagittarius, we are offered the opportunity to dramatically cleanse the etheric lines of communication with our Higher Self of any Earthly, third dimensional debris that convolutes the information we may potential receive from Spirit through the etheric cord to the Higher Mind. Once Jupiter advances into its home residence of Sagittarius in 2018, we are presented with the Blessing of expanding, fortifying and fully opening the lines of communication with our Higher Mind so that we might, with grace and ease, receive guidance, insights and inspiration from Spirit to guide us on our Journey and as we progress forward on our Spiritual Path.

Finally, at this New Moon, allow yourself to introduce the Blessing of Knowing your never dissevered connection with Spirit while allowing your Being to be present in Nature! When we allow ourselves to progress with Nature through each Season, such as “eating seasonally” as well as bringing into our homes the elements of each Season, such as pumpkins in October and Evergreens in December, we move with grace and ease through each season of the year, receiving the dedicated blessing of the allocated season into our Lives. Being in Nature also assists us with bringing forth a sense and feel of being grounded with the energy of the Earth, which promotes a sense of Balance in our Lives. This experience also “cleanses” our energy field (aura) from the etheric particle accumulation of everyday life.

Know, Dear Ones, that the Countless Supply and Never Ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! ~Unknown.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2017 Raymond J. Sette

New Moon