Full Moon

Libra Full Moon
March 31, 2018
8:36 AM, EDT
Washington, D.C.

Our SECOND Full Moon of March 2018 resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Libra, the sign which embodies the elements of air that is pure and clear, artists of all kinds, copper and coral, florists and friendliness. Libra governs gathering, harmony and lilies, lovers, marriage and music, as well as pacifists, peace, weddings and windmills! The Moon is located at almost 11 degrees of Libra and the Sun at almost 11 degrees of Aries. Examine the exact position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart in order to understand how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you.

 One of the many high frequency facets of the Libra element embodies Peace, Harmony, Love and most profoundly, our innate and inborn connection with Nature and the Natural world. One of the most powerful tools for each of us to interweave in our daily regimen is to dedicate time to connect with and “Be” in Nature. This Beautiful interaction with Love creates the opportunity for us to clear away particles of matter and debris which we accumulate while enJOYing this Human Experience. This accrual of low frequency, third dimensional matter does not need to interFEAR with our Human Experience, it is only something we must become more aware of during this most unprecedented times during the Creative Evolution of Humanity.

At this Full Moon, allow yourself to BEcome acutely aware of your highly personal connection with Nature and the Natural World; in other words, your connection with God / Spirit / Love. While enJOYing time in Nature, we connect with Divinity—whatever that may be for us on an individual level. During those most hallowed moments, if we allow ourselves to be quiet, still and peaceful, we offer Spirit the opportunity to guide and inspire each of us on our Evolutionary path in ways that is profoundly unique to our BEing. There is much information on how to employ this healing modality, explore what resonates with you, and incorporate the demonstration in your daily lives! When we choose to craft and weave the elements of Peace, Harmony, Joy and Love into our personal experiences, then do we Create and bring to form these Blessings in the outer world.

On April 2, 2018 at 11:44 AM, EDT, Mars conjoins Saturn at almost 9 degrees of Capricorn. This auspicious alignment offers an energy boost in moving forward with all professional and business related matters. Allow yourself at this time to be RE-charged as well as RE-Inspired—especially since Mercury is retrograde at this time—as to what might be required of you to refuel your engine so that you may experience a palatable advance in your endeavors, especially as we move through the April / May time structure which triggers the energies of our previous Eclipse Season from January and February 2018.

The Mars / Saturn alignment forms a creative and dynamic, square energy aspect to the Sun and Full Moon. The bountiful Blessings of this energy assists in fueling the incorporation of the elements of Nature and the Natural World into our consciousness and also stimulates the flow of the Divine, Creative juices! When the potential of the square, 90-degree energy alignment is demonstrated from an elevated vibrational frequency, offers prolific and profound demonstrations of Creativity. When the energy is brought to form from a low vibrational frequency, we display frustration, anger and to an extreme, violence. The choice is ALWAYS ours as to what facet of the energetic opportunity at hand we shall demonstrate, on a personal level as well as in the outer world.

At the moment of the Full Moon, Venus ruled Taurus is rising on the Horizon. Venus, the element of Beauty, Love, Art and Nature is also the ruler of Libra, further accentuating our connection with Nature and the Natural World as well as the inspiration to Know that these Benevolent Blessings are to be an integral part of all our Human experiences. The Taurus element also represents money matters and all things monetarily as well as the experience of ABUNDANCE in those and all realms of experience. As well as our intrinsic potential to create monetary abundance, we posses the ability to create abundance in the realm of LACK! Choose, with greater awareness, as to where you are directing your thoughts of plenty and be certain to clearly direct those energies towards that which you Lovingly desire to create and bring to form!

When we ALLOW ourselves to Be in a place of peaceful Love, we observe the element of Love in all facets of this Human condition. And, by doing so, we create the component of abundance—monetarily and otherwise—in all those realms of experience as well!

The second Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn alignment is close to being exact at the time of the Full Moon and will be so on April 14, 2018. This evolutionary alignment provides the prospect to explore our personal connections and interactions with the Spirit Realm. This communication is a great potential of our Human Experience which has been “kept hidden” from the public and regarded as something only bestowed as a “Gift” to certain individuals. As I have been shown, the Psychic Abilities are not necessarily a “Gift,” as many would have us Believe, in as much this element is a great potential to assist us while in Human form. We have been told, by conventional religion, that connecting with Spirit in this manner is “the work of the Devil,” so that we are kept in a compromised condition of Knowing the full capabilities of our great Human potential. Embrace the Knowing of this Blessing of this alignment at this Full Moon to become fully aware of your own, very personal connection with Spirit as well as the awareness of the tools needed to keep yourself protected from any negative, psychic energetic interFEARances.

During this year of 2018, transiting Neptune forms a transformative inconjunct, 150-alignment, to Saturn in the United States Astrological chart. This alignment continues to suggest the “spiritual transformation” unfolding to and within the United States government. Much of this transformation remains behind the scenes and shall become slowly revealed to “We The People”  as we move through the years culminating with the United States “Pluto Return” in 2022 and through 2023.

“If it is to be, it’s up to ME,” and “BE the change you Desire to see in the World,” are passages I inspire you to receive and Know.
Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

Virgo Full Moon
March 1, 2018
7:52 PM, EST
Washington, D.C.

Our first Full Moon of March resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Virgo, the sign that represents animals in general and the assimilation of foods, craftsmen and critics as well as farms and fields. Virgo governs healing and healers in general, health, herbs as well as nursing, nutrition, public health and veterinarians! Review the exact position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart to gain a greater understanding of how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you as an individual. The Full Moon is located at 11 degrees of Virgo and the Sun at 11 degrees of Pisces.

One of the many opportunities being offered to Humanity during these most extraordinary times is the experience to be accountable and responsible for all that we Create and includes our personal health care and well-being. Virgo, the sign that is most connected with health and well being is ruled by Mercury, the one who governs thoughts and the mind. An apparent indication of how the condition of the mind—the “mind” is that which exists in all facets of our physical form and not just in the organ of the brain—creates as well as MIS-creates the condition of the body. And, this entity also contains the capability to heal all which has been miscreated.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, the Full Moon resides in the 12th house of the Astrological composition. This is the sector of the chart, which represents all that is hidden and being kept secret, as well as the “undoing of the self” and illness—more accurate defined, IMBALANCE—which may be difficult to detect. The difficulty in the discovery of the origin of the imbalance is such because it is something that may be embedded deep within the unconsciousness of the self, as well as during these times of “Revelations,” the deep seated machinations and misguiding which have been hidden from “We The People,” in the United States for millennia—if not longer. When we allow ourselves to “go within” and visit the sacred altar within our selves, through meditation, we shall be show, from Spirit, all that is necessary for us to resolve, correct and overcome any difficulty and imbalance. We need only allow ourselves the courage to be shown the clarity.

At this Full Moon, allow yourself the courage to receive higher understanding of how, through imbalanced thoughts, we have created and miscreated the condition of the physical form. And, if there has been a miscreation and the experience of an imbalanced condition of well being is experienced, we have the opportunity to receive the guidance as to how the imbalance may be corrected!

The Healthcare debacle, which has plagued many here in the United States in the last several years, is an opportunity for the People to become accountable and responsible for our healthcare and to no longer give away our power to practitioners which benefit from the dispensation of chemicals that keep the body in a compromised state of well-being.

At the precise moment of the Full Moon in the United States, we have Libra rising. Libra connects with Nature and much “healing” shall we as Human BEings experience when we allow ourselves to enJOY quite time in Nature. The Shamans, as well as many contemporary, not to mention unconventional, health care providers, elaborate on the Knowing of the power of BEing peaceful in the Natural World as a powerful modality for healing all imbalances physically as well as emotionally.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, we have an auspicious alignment with Jupiter in Scorpio—Scorpio being the representative of one who possesses powerful, natural healing abilities—Pluto, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and a Mercury / Venus conjunction in the sign of Faith, Pisces. This noteworthy configuration with Mercury, the planet representing our thoughts, offers the opportunity for profound awareness, when received with courage, as to how the condition of the mind creates and miscreates the condition of the physical form—as well as all that we create and miscreate in all our experiences. We have this opportunity to receive the higher knowing and guidance as to what thoughts must be transformed so that we might choose to create—from a place of Love and higher awareness—all that we Desire, especially if we emphatically Desire to rise above illness and disease (DISease).

The ahead of its time information in Louise Hay’s progressive creation, “You Can Heal Your Life,” is one of the many tools available for Humanity to assist our Knowing of the Natural ability for the physical body to heal itself. Always allow yourself to recognize what resonates with you on a personal level as to what is best for your personal healthcare regimen and then Honour that Knowing.

This Full Moon resides in the 9th house in the Untied States natal chart. This sector of the astrological wheel represents the “Higher Mind,” which is that part of our BEing that exists in a higher dimension and is not convoluted with the trappings and limitations of the physical experience. When we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the energies of the Earth, we effortlessly facilitate the process of receive guidance and higher knowing from the Higher Mind. The placement of this Full Moon in the Higher Mind sector of the Unites States charts indicates how the collective of “We The People” in the United States—provided we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the energy of the Earth—are receiving Higher insights as to all that is coming to form here in our country.

The Virgo / Pisces polarity emphasizes Fear (Virgo) and Faith (Pisces). When we allow ourselves to progress beyond fear—which shall always interFEAR in all that we choose to experience—we begin to experience the elements of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love in all that we encounter in any given moment of our Human adventure. If excessive fear exists in any form, and does not allow you to receive the Blessings of all that Spirit would share with us, allow yourself the courage to RELEASE the fear at the time of the Full Moon. As much as the Full Moon completes a cycle of experience and brings matter to form, the Lunation is an auspicious opportunity to release that which no longer serves a greater purpose.

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette