Full Moon

Aries Full Moon
September 24, 2018
10:52 PM, EDT
Washington, D.C.

Our forthcoming Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Aries, the sign which corresponds with adventurers and brick kilns, fire and fireplaces, garnets and holly. The first sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs ochre and radishes, scarlet and red stones, thistles and wolves! Always review the precise placement of the Full Moon and the aspects created to your Astrological chart in order to gain greater understanding as to how these energies may come to form for you at the personal level.

The Full Moon is at almost 2 degrees of Aries and the Sun at nearly 2 degrees of Libra, and at the culmination of this Lunar Cycle, we have our “Great Awakener,” Uranus, forming a transformative, inconjunct (150-degree) angle to the Sun. In a Mundane Chart–an Astrological chart such as a lunation, used to offer insights into the probabilities of coming world events–the Sun represents the leaders and those who dwell in authoritative  positions. This highly transformative alignment to the element which represents those in power (The Sun) suggests that “We The People,”–represented by the Moon in a Mundane Chart–are on the cusp of a grand awakening (Uranus) regarding the true Knowing of who has actually been in control of our world. A major element of this “awakening” is the realization that those who we have observed to be in power places are not in fact actually the ones in power in as much as they are sinister beings working “behind the scenes.” The erroneous imbalance of this power is becoming abundantly obvious to “We The People,” and shall profoundly continue to unfurl as we progress through this year and onward. The Aries Full Moon emphatically suggest we “follow through” with the Knowing and Demonstration of our God-instilled power from a place of Love and Humility and no longer “give away” our power to those “powers that be.” Once again, we are in the times of BEing “accountable and responsible” for all we encounter, Create and MISCreate.

Uranus, also forms an inconjunct aspect to Mercury at 5 degrees of Libra and resides alongside the Sun in the Full Moon Chart. This alignment opens the mind to Higher, philosophical Awareness and Knowing. If you have been challenged in discovering a solution to something which has been a quagmire, set a clear intention in motion before the culmination of the Lunar Cycle at the Full Moon, so as to receive an “out of the box” (Uranus) resolution from Spirit. This energy allows us to welcome a more abstract manner of thinking, and by doing so, we are given–when receptive–unconventional ideas that may bring a “breakthrough inspiration / idea” to something of a challenge.

Saturn, at almost 3 degrees of Capricorn, forms a T-square alignment–90 degrees to the Moon and 90 degrees to the Sun–infers that “We The People” may feel a sense of heaviness and oppression in the outer world, especially from The Powers That Be. Once again, these forces–The Dark Hats–are attempting their eleventh-hour efforts at keeping “We The People” in a compromised state of well being by generating a sense of impending doom and fear.  This is especially evident in the arena of conventional media. Always allow yourself to recognize what “feels right” for you personally, and always Trust in the guidance from Spirit. When we allow ourselves to recognize that all occurrences in the 3rd dimensional world are nothing but an “illusion,” we BEgin to BE “in the world and not of it,” and nothing, no-thing, in the outer world shall ever interFEAR with our Peace, Harmony, Joy and Prosperity!!! Continue moving forward BEing in this Knowing.

The Moon in the Full Moon chart cast for the United States resides in the 11th house of the Full Moon composition. The 11th house sector of the Astrological composition is the house of Aquarius, who is ruled by our Great Awakener, Uranus. This placement further accentuates the profundity of the magnificent, Spiritual Awakening unfurling for all of Humanity. I further emphasize the Beatitude of “BEing in the World and not of It,” as we progress through the coming weeks and months. Humanity is continually “Awakening” to Higher Levels of Awareness and in the coming months, chaos may seem to run rampant.   Once again, remember, these situations are Created by the Dark Ones to keep us in fear and only contain the power we give to them!

The Full Moon resides at the lowest point in the United States natal chart. This sector, among many elements, represents our “Foundations,” as I illustrate in Chapter 4 of my book, “The Planets.” When there is a compromise in the integrity of this basis, which for us personally connects with emotional imbalances, we are offered the opportunity to correct the imbalance. And, in order to correct where there may exist an inequity, we must first become aware of the discrepancy! So, if you are experiencing such occurrences in your personal encounters, allow yourself the courage to observe what you are BEing shown and ask Spirit for the guidance of how to correct this imbalance, and ask it BE accomplished with Grace and Ease. Then, boldly move forward on your Journey in the Knowing that “All Is Well,” even when all may seem deliriously unwell in the outside world.

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

Pisces Full Moon

August 26, 2018

7:57 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our forthcoming Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Pisces, the sign representing the abstract, chrysolite and coral, secret enemies, fountains and holy water. Pisces governs mazes, moonstones and nuns, pools of water, prisons and veils. As always, look to the precise location of the Full Moon and the aspects created by the Lunations placement to your astrological composition in order to achieve a greater understanding as to how these energies will manifest for you at the personal level.

At the culmination of this Lunar Cycle, the Full Moon is at 3 degrees of Pisces and the Sun at 4 degrees of Virgo. Factored into the Full Moon equation, we have Saturn at almost 3 degrees of Capricorn and Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. The planetary alignment of the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus Create what we refer to as a “kite aspect” configuration. The benevolent energy presented in this formation, offering elevated levels of consciousness with effortless ease in the areas I will share, is one of many High Vibrational Blessings at this time. And, at the time of the Full Moon, and in the weeks to follow, we must permit ourselves to, first and foremost, be receptive of the blessings at hand. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted and derailed from recognizing and receiving the wondrous offerings which are BEing presented from Spirit during these unprecedented times of Revelations and The Apocalypse. It will also serve a greater purpose in assisting in receiving these beatitudes when we are clear in our BEing (Aura Field) and grounded with the energy of the Earth.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, the Full Moon resides in the 6th house of the Astrological composition, highlighting the essentials of this segment. This sector of the chart represents the realm of experience connecting with our physical health and well-being, among other fundamentals. At this Full Moon, the constituent of our well-being, and more importantly, our innate ability to correct and HEAL any bodily imbalance which may unfurl in our physical form, is BEing addressed.

We have heard the adage, “The Power which Created the Body, heals the Body,” and we are unabashedly BEing offered the opportunity, from Spirit, to welcome this elevated Knowing into our Human Experience as the all of Humanity continues to progress to higher levels of consciousness. The Underworld, Cabal, Shadow Forces, have kept Humanity in a compromised state of well being through the implementation–from these nefarious sources–of inoculations, antibiotics and food which is anything but “natural.” Not to mention, how we are kept in a perpetual state of fear, which causes the mind to dwell in dark places, creating a negative thought process, which then Creates and MIS-creates, disharmony (dis-ease) in the Body.

As “We The People” advance through the coming weeks and in the coming months, a grand awakening during these times of Revelations and The Apocalypse, that shall continue BEing “revealed,” is just how these dark and diabolical forces have disempowered Humanity from the awareness of its innate, natural ability to heal itself. How this condition of disempowerment has been rendered through the aforesaid elements shall also be disclosed and revealed!

As the Sun transits the Tropical Sign of Virgo, which is the “ruler” of the 6th house of health and well-being, the element of enJOYing optimum health is further energize. And, the aforesaid “kite aspect formation,” along with the elements factored into this magnificent, high frequency equation, directs the Higher Knowing, to “We The People,”  of the innate ability to heal the Body and to implement this knowing into our Human experience with Love and conviction. The Earth Sign of Virgo also highlights the aspect of the inherent healing power of Nature and our Earth (Gaia). Connecting with the energy of the Earth is quite profoundly a healing encounter. We are also progressed to the place where we shall Lovingly, joyfully embrace the healing properties of the Earth and Nature. The Highly Evolved Being Known as “The Medical Medium,” offers wondrous insights as to how Food–in its unaltered, natural state–contains powerful healing properties. I Inspire all those who choose to receive this Higher knowing to explore and consider the highly progressive information presented by this progressively advanced One.

The final Jupiter / Neptune trine (120-degree) benevolent alignment, took place on August 19, 2018 and remains energized at this Full Moon. Neptune, BEing the ruler of Pisces, the sign where the Moon resides at this Lunation, is placed in the 6th house, which as I stated, is emphasized at this Full Moon. This placement offers the awareness of the assistance from Spirit, and all the Spiritual Healing Modalities and Tools available to all those who choose to receive, which assist Humanity, when needed, to wholly heal the physical form.

Mercury–who has moved direct on August 19, 2018 and whose retrograde energy remains in effect until September 2, 2018–forms a transformative, inconjunct energy aspect to Neptune. This metamorphic alignment transforms the dynamics of the mind from a lower vibrational–3rd dimensional, vastly logical which is limited–understanding, to a higher frequency–5th dimensional, abstract, unlimited–Spiritual knowing. You may discover yourself dissolving many of the illusions of the 3rd dimension with the presence of this influence which shall open doors to Higher Vibrational understanding. Mercury in Leo (Creativity, Divinity) aligning in this manner with Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, assists the mind in dissolving the chimera of the 3rd dimension and embracing the Knowing of Creative Divinity residing in all of Humanity. Which, once again, this elevated level of consciousness shall fortify the innate ability to heal our Physical form.

The day after the Full Moon, Mars moves direct in its orbit. The time of a Mars Retrograde is very much a time to “recharge our battery!” Once Mars is full force in its orbit, we may certainly feel as thought we’ve been “jumpstarted” as well as enJOYing a resurgence of excitement, especially if you feel as though there has been a “lack luster” condition in your life.

If that what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not reverberate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

Aquarius Full Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse

July 27, 2018

4:21 PM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our approaching Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Aquarius, the sign of, among a multitude of elements, The New Age, Age Of Aquarius, altruism, Brotherhood, Humanitarianism, great and prevailing, prominent change, free will, rebellions and revolutions, Spirituality and Truth. Our Full Moon is also a Total Lunar Eclipse, and as with all celestial activity, review the precise position of the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse and its aspects to the points in your personal charts in order to receive a higher knowing as to how these planetary potentials will unfold for you. The Full Moon is positioned at almost 5 degrees of Aquarius and the Sun almost 5 degrees of Leo. The Totality of the Eclipse will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century!

“We The People” are the facilitators of great change, for ourselves personally as well as in our outer world. If we expect something in the outer world to change first–be it a change created by the government or any leader or outside of “the self” source–nothing (no-thing) in the physical world shall ever amend. Remember, everything, all things which come to form in the outer world, are only reflections of what exists INSIDE ALL OF US. This Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse is emphatically awakening the Knowing–from that place of Love and Humility and not E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and greed–that “We The People” are to, in THIS now moment, Create and bring to form the “Higher Consciousness,” elevated and benevolent changes we desire to observe in the outer world, and more profoundly and specifically at this time, in the United States.

Our Total Lunar Eclipse coincides with the annual occurrence of the opening of “The Lions Gate Portal,” which begins on July 26 and is precise on August 8.* Each year, this event is a prominent and powerful opportunity for everyone of us to connect and reconnect with the Creative Source which formed all things. This benevolent constituent is the holiness that resides in everyone and is the element, the greatest of our Human potential of BEing an instrument of Creative, Evolutionary Divinity. When we allow ourselves to BE in this place of Knowing this facet of our Human BEing, from that place of Love and Humility, and with the Awareness of our greatest potential, in whatever demonstration we have chosen to express in this Human experience, is how we shall each facilitate and create the greatest, most blessed changes in our out world and country.

In the coming weeks, we must caution ourselves against energetically connecting with the potential manifestation of low vibrational energy which may come to form in the outside world and allowing those occurrences to distract and derail us from recognizing the Blessings at hand. The Aquarius energy connects with chaos, which shall always precede great and prevalent change and this change shall always profoundly elevate the consciousness of Humanity.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, fashions a 90-degree alignment to the Sun and Moon, creating a t-square formation. This creative and dynamic energy, when manifested from a low-frequency vibration, can potentially be unstable and volatile at best. And, I shall always elaborate on how we are each at choice as to the manner in which any energy shall come to form, dependant upon to what end of the spectrum we choose to direct our thought energy! This energy from Uranus, the element of vast and outstanding change, as well as profound awakenings, overwhelmingly emphasizes the fact that “We The People,” are at the threshold of some of the greatest awakenings and transformations within ourselves as well as in the outside world. And, the most poignant constituent BEing awakened within each one of us, during these most unprecedented times, is the Knowing of our Creative Divinity.

One of the greatest “changes” we shall observe, specifically here in the United States, is a restructuring, re-evaluation of the monetary, currency system, to one that is much more fair to all and that will allow everyone to experience the innate blessings of financial abundance. In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse resides in the second house of the Astrological composition. The second house of the Astrology chart is the sector which represents, amidst other elements, money, finances and income. Earlier this year, by transit, Pluto, the “Great and Powerful Transformer,” moved into the second house of the United States Astrological chart, indicating a profound, evolutionary period of magnificent and immense changes to the financial system of the United States. This reformation of all financial matters shall be complete in the years 2022 and 2023 and this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, could very well be an indication of what may come regarding all financial matters of the United States. One of the most significant blessings coming to form during this experience, is that large banks and corporations shall no longer have “power over the people.”

With the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in the sign of sometimes “Earth shattering” awakenings, “We The People,” may very well “awaken,” to as to how we have been kept in a state of compromised, financial well being by “the powers that be.” This, and so much more, are the “Revelations” BEing revealed during these times of The Apocalypse and Revelations.

On July 26, 2018, Mercury begins its next retrograde phase in the sign of Leo! This specific Mercury retrograde period is an auspicious opportunity to remember our connection with Divinity, that we in this Human form are Creative, Spiritual Beings and through this knowing, we shall demonstrate ourselves as “God / Love In Action.” And, this demonstration, from that place of Love, shall bring to form the most Blessed change in our country and world.

If what I share with you–which I acknowledge comes through my Higher Self–resonates with you, that is wonderful. And, if it does not resonate with you, that is also wonderful.

Discern this and all information, remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

* If you would enJOY further reading on this subject, simply Google “Lions Gate Portal” and review whatever material may resonate with you personally.

Capricorn Full Moon

June 28, 2018

12:53 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our approaching Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Capricorn, the sign that corresponds with the Islands of the Arctic Ocean, December, engineers, fields and granite. Capricorn governs limestone and limitations, nightshade and old age, pottery and potters, as well as salt, tombs and watches. As with any Lunation and planetary activity, evaluate the placement and aspects created by the Full Moon in your individual charts in order to gain a better awareness as to how these energies will potentially manifest on a personal level.

At the crest of the Lunar cycle, the Moon is at 6 degrees of Capricorn and the Sun at 6 degrees of Cancer and within one-and-a-half-degrees to the Full Moon, we have the planetary ruler of Capricorn, steadfast Saturn, conjoining the Full Moon. The Full Moon chart cast for the United States positions the Moon, along with Saturn, at the highest point of the composition. In a “mundane chart,” such as a Full Moon, when we observe the affairs of the world, the Moon element represents “We The People.” As the Moon amalgamates with the planet most representing the virtue of responsibility, the constituent of BEing “accountable and responsible” for all the intentions and energy we set in motion (which “We The People” have been given the opportunity to embrace during these most unprecedented times) is prominent at this Lunation. The “Power To The People” component will be abundantly poignant at the time of the July 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse and as we rapidly approach the coming “Eclipse Season,” in July and August, we are lovingly BEing inspired by Spirit to embrace this beatitude of personal power. The “power over others” experience, specifically from the “powers that be,” (The Cabal) is BEing dissolved and will have no place in the coming times or the “New Earth.”

When I emphasize the knowing of “power to the people,” this statement certainly does not suggest we exist in a place of E.G.O. (Edge God Out), overthrow the government, not pay taxes (although the experience of “taxes” will not be part of the New Earth) and not pay for what we desire, need and use. The higher consciousness of the “innate power component” or “light” within all Human BEings is the inherent force which Evolutionarily Created all things, and has been imbued into our BEing at our physical birth. Uranus, “The Great Awakener,” the planet which allows progressive, abstract and unconventional understanding, forms a harmonic trine, 120-degree energy alignment to the Full Moon. This placement suggest the integration of Higher Awareness and the demonstration of progressive thinking is at hand and is present and available for the welcoming.

This benevolent alignment from Uranus also connects with Saturn in the Full Moon chart, indicating that the essence of the structure of what we understand to be “establishment,” such as government or other “authority (Saturn) figures,” is rapidly evolving to a place of Humanitarianism. Much of this restructuring is and has been conducted “behind the scenes” and as we evolutionarily progress, from the Creative level, through the coming months, the awareness of this design will be revealed to “We The People.” It would serve the populous well to be open and receptive as to how this will unfold and to not be confined and have a preconceived notion as to what outcome we believe should come to form.

As I began to illustrate, The placement of the Full Moon in the chart cast for the United States is at the highest point of the chart. The Sun is placed at the lowest, or the “midnight” position in the chart. This configuration, with the Sun far below the Horizon, suggests that “We The People,” are rising to power, and the “powers that be” are loosing control over the people. And, “We The People” must demonstrate this power from a place of Love and Humility, if not, this potential will manifest itself as bedlam, rebellion, and less than loving revolution. As always, the choice is ours as to how we bring to form the energy at hand.

The Moon / Saturn conjunction and the Sun, form what we call a “t-square” alignment to the ascendant, rising sign, in the Full Moon chart. This arrangement abundantly suggest “We” are at a time of great, powerful, evolutionary and progressive change. And, when “We The People” embrace this change from a place of Love and SURRENDER our BEing to a Higher Power, the Blessings shall Be Bestowed upon us all, so much greater than we may possibly imagine.

In the “Solar Return” chart–the astrological chart cast for the exact moment which the Sun “returns” to the precise position it was located along the Tropical Zodiac at the time of physical birth and begins our new year and sets the backdrop for the coming year–for the birthday of the United States, the Moon, as it is in the Full Moon chart, is placed at the highest position in the planetary sonata of the U.S. Solar Return. Once again, this supreme placement of the “We The People” element (The Moon) is further reinforcing the “power to the people” ingredient.

As we progress through the coming months, “We” may very well observe the belligerence of the dark forces (Cabal) attempting its “last ditch efforts” to maintain its control and power over the People. When “We The People” know, from a place of Love and Humility, the Light and power within our BEing, nothing–NO-THING–in the outer world has ANY power over us.

Allow yourself to BE in that place of Love, Trust in A Higher Power, and observe how, for yourself personally, “All Is Well,” regardless of what may be “happening” in the outer world.

The coming together of the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn on this Full Moon profoundly emphasizes and fortifies the manifestation of a “Government of the People, by the People, FOR the PEOPLE.”

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette

Sagittarius Full Moon

May 29, 2018

10:20 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our approaching Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, the sign which governs abundance, aliens, broadcasts and clergymen, higher education, the Higher Mind, prayers, preaching and professors. The final fire sign of the Tropical Zodiac also presides over radio, the riding of horses, Singapore and Slavonia, theologians and travel to far away places, visions and wisdom! Always examine where the Full Moon resides in your personal, astrological charts and its aspects to the points in your charts to understand how these planetary energies may potentially manifest for you. We have the Full Moon at 8 degrees of Sagittarius and the Sun at 8 degrees of Gemini.

As we rapidly approach our next “Eclipse Season,” which unfurls this coming July and August, Humanity and “We The People,” are already feeling an immense surge and shift of energy, all of which offers the opportunity to rise to elevated levels of consciousness which serves a greater purpose on a personal level and for the highest good of All Human BEings! Our Full Moon in Sagittarius, the sign representing the Higher Mind, Higher Knowing, Higher Insights and Higher Truth, suggests that we are undoubtedly being offered the opportunity to receive the Higher Awareness of the full potential of these times of Revelations and The Apocalypse! And, as I have illustrated in many writings, these unprecedented times during this stage of the Creative Evolution of Humanity, are not to be steeped in uncertainty and fear inasmuch as they are to be embraced with excitement and Love.

Since 2004, Humanity has been offered the profound opportunity to recognize its unique and personal connection with the Spirit Realm. The Blessing of this connection to our individual Higher Mind and Higher Self is what will generate clarity and Higher Truth regarding all matters which may be of concern. And, as always, when we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the Energy of the Earth, as well as BEing aware as to maintain a clear connection with our Higher Self, Spirit shall always Lovingly share with us its Higher Knowing and Truth. And, lets always be Humble in the Knowing that this “Truth” may not necessarily be what we may Believe to be true. When we have no “attachment” to the outcome of any situation, we shall always BE given the clarity regarding any circumstance. Provided, we have fortified the process for Spirit to share with us its Higher Knowing.

The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius polarity toggles between E.G.O. (Edge God Out) and Higher Truth. The coming weeks shall present the opportunity to receive Higher Truth when we choose, and strengthen the courage to dissolve the E.G.O. Three days after the Full Moon, on June 1, 2018 at approximately 7:25 PM, EDT, there forms a “grand trine” energy aspect with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. The Jupiter / Neptune trine (120 degrees) energy alignment began in December 2017 and was exact on May 25, 2018 and will be precise again on August 19, 2018. As we factor in Venus to the equation, this beautiful, benevolent blessing is what shall bring “We The People,” the opportunity to receive, with Grace and Ease, Higher Truth, clarity and understanding regarding these seemingly turbulent and tumultuous times. And, as always, provided we have CHOSEN to receive this Higher Knowing from Spirit, this Blessing of Higher Truth shall be bestowed upon us.

An esoteric example I offer as consideration as to the manner in which Spirit shall generate information is the following. In the United Kingdom, at 5:10 PM [local time] on 26 November 1977–interestingly enough after a Full Moon on November 25, 1977 at the Sagittarius / Gemini Polarity–there was an “interruption” of an evening news program by an “alleged transmition,” which to this day, its “actual origin” has not been identified. Personally, I Believe this “message” was generated from a “Higher, Otherworldly Source,” offering a seemingly dire, yet hopeful message for Humanity. For those interested in exploring this event, begin by searching the internet for “1977 Alien Broadcast,” and allow yourself to be guided and connect with whatever information regarding the experience may resonate with you on a personal level.

I bring this incident to attention to offer the suggestion that, in the coming weeks, and as we progress through the Summer Eclipse Season, Humanity may once again be “given a message” from a Higher Source, sharing Higher Truth as well as a “suggestion” to Humanity to “change its ways,” and become accountable and responsible for all energy “We The Collective” have set in motion. When Karma returns, it is certainly not a “punishment” from a wrathful “God,” as much as it is a “balancing of collective energy;” energy which has been cast by the cooperative of Humanity and is required to be corrected, simply because of the Law of Karma and its function.

Uranus, who has progressed into the sign of Taurus at our last New Moon, is the most elevated planet in the Full Moon chart cast for the United States. Uranus, referred to as “The Great Awakener,” at this elevated position amplifies the awakenings at hand–personally and collectively–as well as reinforcing the opportunity to “awaken” to Higher Truth as well as the Blessing to receive this elevated level of greater Knowing. At a later time, I will share my Insights and understanding into the transit of Uranus through the Earth sign of Taurus.

And, to further emphasize the element of “Awakening,” especially here in the United States and as it serves “We The People,” the Full Moon forms an opposition (180 degree) energy aspect to Uranus in the natal, Astrological chart of the United States. In the U.S. Chart, Uranus connects with the 3rd house sector of the chart which represents, among many elements, communications! At this Lunation, this alignment may bring to light how communication has not necessarily been “accurate and correct” for longer than we might imagine. And, in BEing so, this experience has kept “We The People” in a compromised state of well-being, as well as in the condition of perpetual confusion. And, now the tides are turning so that “We The People” may establish Higher Choices and to allow ourselves to receive information which has not been convoluted by the “Underworld” and those who desire to inflict their power and control over the populous.

In the moment “We The People” choose to receive Truth, Higher Truth with no “attachment” to the outcome, Spirit shall share with us, from a place of Love, all its Wisdom and Higher Knowing so that it may continually assist us on our Path of Creative Evolution, personally as well as collectively.

“You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is Truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of Truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of Evolution.”

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette


Scorpio Full Moon

April 29, 2018

8:59 PM, EDT

Washington, D.C.



Our Full Moon resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Scorpio, the sign of animals crustaceous and apothecaries, all matters connected with the dead, death and the afterlife, as well as geysers, Judea and New Castle, England. Scorpio governs October, plants poisonous and rebirth, regeneration, transitions and vice squads. The Full Moon resides at 9 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun at 9 degrees of Taurus. As always, asses the exact position of the Full Moon as is resides in your personal, Astrological composition to better understand the potential outcome of these energies for you!

One of the prominent, most influencial element of this Full Moon is that the Lunation begins to trigger the energies of our next “Eclipse Season” which unfolds during July and August of this year. And, what is extraordinary about the forthcoming Eclipse series is that we have 3 successive Eclipse and all of which are SUPER MOONS! A “Super Moon” is when a New or Full Moon is at its closest approach to the Earth along its orbit and so amplifies the already outstanding energy of the Lunation.

The unprecedented prominance of the coming Summer Season will be yet another Blessed and profound opportunity for each one of us on a personal level to know the Creative Evolution of Divinity which exists in all of us. Certainly this knowing needs not be realized through chaos and destruction when we allow ourselves to be aware, and Honour, all that Spirit desires to shares with us which serves a greater puropose. And, as we continue to progress through these times of great and powerful Creative Evolution, persoanly as well as collectively, lovinlgy remembering to “Be in the World and not of it,” shall allow us all to move through the coming time with Grace and ease.

In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, the Lunation resides in the 12th house of the composition and we have Scorpio rising on the horizon. The 12th house sector of the chart represents all that is hidden, secret enemies, the “undoing” of the self, karma and the resolution of karma, the subconscious as well as a host of other elements which may “appear” to be unsettling. Lets continue chooseing to allow ourselves to recognize all that which comes to form, while we exist in this physical realm, serves a greater and higher purpose! Especially if we allow ourselves to be “detached” from the external experience, the expectation of what we “believe” should happen needs to happend and ALLOW Spirit to reveal to us the “bigger picture.” Remember, we are in the times of REVELATION, so that we might choose to be aware of all that has been kep hidden from our Knowing through these most Blessed revelations.

The Full Moon in this sector of the chart and in the sign which connects with the underworld, the forces of darkness, as well as with Scorpio rising in the chart, may indicate that in the coming weeks, we shall experience another event of Earth moving revelations and the exposé of all that has been veiled from “We The People” for millennia, if not longer. And, as we move move toward the next Eclipse Season through the coming months, these “Revelations,” may continue to dramatically and progressively unfold, and culminate during the summer months. Specifically, the revelation of how “We The People,” have been kept in the dark of the Knowing of our true, innate power of Creative Divinity!

Scorpio represents the element of “power;” a constituent capable of debilitating destruction as well as profound Creation. “We The People,” are continually BEing offered the prospect from Spirit, to Know, from a place of Humility and Love, the true essence of our Creative Being, which is a particle of the Source (God / Spirit / Love) which Created all things. This passionate component and Higher Knowing of our Being has been kept hidden from the populous so that the “powers that be” may keep the masses in a compromised state of well-BEing so that they may continue inflicting their supremacy over us. This stronghold is finally loosing its control. Trust that something greater is orchestrating this oppoetunity for everyone.

This Full Moon offers another awakening, to the Higher Knowing of our Creative Divinity so that we might choose to EMPOWER ourselves in the Knowing that we have the Creative power at our fingertips so that we might bring to form, and co-create with Spirit all that we may Desire as well as “need” to enjoy this Human Experience form a place of Grace and Ease.

As Neptune continues its passage through Pisces, each of us are BEing offered the opportunity to remember our connection with Spirit and our ability to be co-creative with this realm. At this Full Moon, Neptune creates a harmonic, trine (120-degree) alignment to the Full Moon which facilitates an effortless opportunity to remember this Divine factor and APPLY the Knowing of this facet into demonstration.

The Mars / Pluto conjunction, at 21 degrees of Capricorn, is exact on April 26, 2018 at 6:51 am, EDT and the “event chart” reveals the amalgamation to be at the highest point of the composition. Pluto, the “higher octave” of Mars, in conjunction to one another in this combustive merger, suggests to us to “be not afraid” and to Trust in Spirit and that “All Is Well,” even though it may APPEAR—because all in this realm is consciousness is an illusion—in the outer world to be unwell.

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.

©2018 Raymond J. Sette









Libra Full Moon

March 31, 2018

8:36 AM, EDT

Washington, D.C.

Our SECOND Full Moon of March 2018 resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Libra, the sign which embodies the elements of air that is pure and clear, artists of all kinds, copper and coral, florists and friendliness. Libra governs gathering, harmony and lilies, lovers, marriage and music, as well as pacifists, peace, weddings and windmills! The Moon is located at almost 11 degrees of Libra and the Sun at almost 11 degrees of Aries. Examine the exact position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart in order to understand how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you.



One of the many high frequency facets of the Libra element embodies Peace, Harmony, Love and most profoundly, our innate and inborn connection with Nature and the Natural world. One of the most powerful tools for each of us to interweave in our daily regimen is to dedicate time to connect with and “Be” in Nature. This Beautiful interaction with Love creates the opportunity for us to clear away particles of matter and debris which we accumulate while enJOYing this Human Experience. This accrual of low frequency, third dimensional matter does not need to interFEAR with our Human Experience, it is only something we must become more aware of during this most unprecedented times during the Creative Evolution of Humanity.



At this Full Moon, allow yourself to BEcome acutely aware of your highly personal connection with Nature and the Natural World; in other words, your connection with God / Spirit / Love. While enJOYing time in Nature, we connect with Divinity—whatever that may be for us on an individual level. During those most hallowed moments, if we allow ourselves to be quiet, still and peaceful, we offer Spirit the opportunity to guide and inspire each of us on our Evolutionary path in ways that is profoundly unique to our BEing. There is much information on how to employ this healing modality, explore what resonates with you, and incorporate the demonstration in your daily lives! When we choose to craft and weave the elements of Peace, Harmony, Joy and Love into our personal experiences, then do we Create and bring to form these Blessings in the outer world.



On April 2, 2018 at 11:44 AM, EDT, Mars conjoins Saturn at almost 9 degrees of Capricorn. This auspicious alignment offers an energy boost in moving forward with all professional and business related matters. Allow yourself at this time to be RE-charged as well as RE-Inspired—especially since Mercury is retrograde at this time—as to what might be required of you to refuel your engine so that you may experience a palatable advance in your endeavors, especially as we move through the April / May time structure which triggers the energies of our previous Eclipse Season from January and February 2018.



The Mars / Saturn alignment forms a creative and dynamic, square energy aspect to the Sun and Full Moon. The bountiful Blessings of this energy assists in fueling the incorporation of the elements of Nature and the Natural World into our consciousness and also stimulates the flow of the Divine, Creative juices! When the potential of the square, 90-degree energy alignment is demonstrated from an elevated vibrational frequency, offers prolific and profound demonstrations of Creativity. When the energy is brought to form from a low vibrational frequency, we display frustration, anger and to an extreme, violence. The choice is ALWAYS ours as to what facet of the energetic opportunity at hand we shall demonstrate, on a personal level as well as in the outer world.



At the moment of the Full Moon, Venus ruled Taurus is rising on the Horizon. Venus, the element of Beauty, Love, Art and Nature is also the ruler of Libra, further accentuating our connection with Nature and the Natural World as well as the inspiration to Know that these Benevolent Blessings are to be an integral part of all our Human experiences. The Taurus element also represents money matters and all things monetarily as well as the experience of ABUNDANCE in those and all realms of experience. As well as our intrinsic potential to create monetary abundance, we posses the ability to create abundance in the realm of LACK! Choose, with greater awareness, as to where you are directing your thoughts of plenty and be certain to clearly direct those energies towards that which you Lovingly desire to create and bring to form!



When we ALLOW ourselves to Be in a place of peaceful Love, we observe the element of Love in all facets of this Human condition. And, by doing so, we create the component of abundance—monetarily and otherwise—in all those realms of experience as well!



The second Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn alignment is close to being exact at the time of the Full Moon and will be so on April 14, 2018. This evolutionary alignment provides the prospect to explore our personal connections and interactions with the Spirit Realm. This communication is a great potential of our Human Experience which has been “kept hidden” from the public and regarded as something only bestowed as a “Gift” to certain individuals. As I have been shown, the Psychic Abilities are not necessarily a “Gift,” as many would have us Believe, in as much this element is a great potential to assist us while in Human form. We have been told, by conventional religion, that connecting with Spirit in this manner is “the work of the Devil,” so that we are kept in a compromised condition of Knowing the full capabilities of our great Human potential. Embrace the Knowing of this Blessing of this alignment at this Full Moon to become fully aware of your own, very personal connection with Spirit as well as the awareness of the tools needed to keep yourself protected from any negative, psychic energetic interFEARances.



During this year of 2018, transiting Neptune forms a transformative inconjunct, 150-alignment, to Saturn in the United States Astrological chart. This alignment continues to suggest the “spiritual transformation” unfolding to and within the United States government. Much of this transformation remains behind the scenes and shall become slowly revealed to “We The People”  as we move through the years culminating with the United States “Pluto Return” in 2022 and through 2023.



“If it is to be, it’s up to ME,” and “BE the change you Desire to see in the World,” are passages I inspire you to receive and Know.

Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.



©2018 Raymond J. Sette



Virgo Full Moon

March 1, 2018

7:52 PM, EST

Washington, D.C.

Our first Full Moon of March resides in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Virgo, the sign that represents animals in general and the assimilation of foods, craftsmen and critics as well as farms and fields. Virgo governs healing and healers in general, health, herbs as well as nursing, nutrition, public health and veterinarians! Review the exact position of the Full Moon and its aspects to the natal planets and points in your personal astrological chart to gain a greater understanding of how these planetary energies will potentially manifest for you as an individual. The Full Moon is located at 11 degrees of Virgo and the Sun at 11 degrees of Pisces.



One of the many opportunities being offered to Humanity during these most extraordinary times is the experience to be accountable and responsible for all that we Create and includes our personal health care and well-being. Virgo, the sign that is most connected with health and well being is ruled by Mercury, the one who governs thoughts and the mind. An apparent indication of how the condition of the mind—the “mind” is that which exists in all facets of our physical form and not just in the organ of the brain—creates as well as MIS-creates the condition of the body. And, this entity also contains the capability to heal all which has been miscreated.



In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, the Full Moon resides in the 12th house of the Astrological composition. This is the sector of the chart, which represents all that is hidden and being kept secret, as well as the “undoing of the self” and illness—more accurate defined, IMBALANCE—which may be difficult to detect. The difficulty in the discovery of the origin of the imbalance is such because it is something that may be embedded deep within the unconsciousness of the self, as well as during these times of “Revelations,” the deep seated machinations and misguiding which have been hidden from “We The People,” in the United States for millennia—if not longer. When we allow ourselves to “go within” and visit the sacred altar within our selves, through meditation, we shall be show, from Spirit, all that is necessary for us to resolve, correct and overcome any difficulty and imbalance. We need only allow ourselves the courage to be shown the clarity.



At this Full Moon, allow yourself the courage to receive higher understanding of how, through imbalanced thoughts, we have created and miscreated the condition of the physical form. And, if there has been a miscreation and the experience of an imbalanced condition of well being is experienced, we have the opportunity to receive the guidance as to how the imbalance may be corrected!



The Healthcare debacle, which has plagued many here in the United States in the last several years, is an opportunity for the People to become accountable and responsible for our healthcare and to no longer give away our power to practitioners which benefit from the dispensation of chemicals that keep the body in a compromised state of well-being.



At the precise moment of the Full Moon in the United States, we have Libra rising. Libra connects with Nature and much “healing” shall we as Human BEings experience when we allow ourselves to enJOY quite time in Nature. The Shamans, as well as many contemporary, not to mention unconventional, health care providers, elaborate on the Knowing of the power of BEing peaceful in the Natural World as a powerful modality for healing all imbalances physically as well as emotionally.



In the Full Moon chart cast for the United States, we have an auspicious alignment with Jupiter in Scorpio—Scorpio being the representative of one who possesses powerful, natural healing abilities—Pluto, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and a Mercury / Venus conjunction in the sign of Faith, Pisces. This noteworthy configuration with Mercury, the planet representing our thoughts, offers the opportunity for profound awareness, when received with courage, as to how the condition of the mind creates and miscreates the condition of the physical form—as well as all that we create and miscreate in all our experiences. We have this opportunity to receive the higher knowing and guidance as to what thoughts must be transformed so that we might choose to create—from a place of Love and higher awareness—all that we Desire, especially if we emphatically Desire to rise above illness and disease (DISease).



The ahead of its time information in Louise Hay’s progressive creation, “You Can Heal Your Life,” is one of the many tools available for Humanity to assist our Knowing of the Natural ability for the physical body to heal itself. Always allow yourself to recognize what resonates with you on a personal level as to what is best for your personal healthcare regimen and then Honour that Knowing.



This Full Moon resides in the 9th house in the Untied States natal chart. This sector of the astrological wheel represents the “Higher Mind,” which is that part of our BEing that exists in a higher dimension and is not convoluted with the trappings and limitations of the physical experience. When we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the energies of the Earth, we effortlessly facilitate the process of receive guidance and higher knowing from the Higher Mind. The placement of this Full Moon in the Higher Mind sector of the Unites States charts indicates how the collective of “We The People” in the United States—provided we are clear in our BEing and grounded with the energy of the Earth—are receiving Higher insights as to all that is coming to form here in our country.



The Virgo / Pisces polarity emphasizes Fear (Virgo) and Faith (Pisces). When we allow ourselves to progress beyond fear—which shall always interFEAR in all that we choose to experience—we begin to experience the elements of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love in all that we encounter in any given moment of our Human adventure. If excessive fear exists in any form, and does not allow you to receive the Blessings of all that Spirit would share with us, allow yourself the courage to RELEASE the fear at the time of the Full Moon. As much as the Full Moon completes a cycle of experience and brings matter to form, the Lunation is an auspicious opportunity to release that which no longer serves a greater purpose.



Discern this and all information; remain in the Light and always in a place of Love. Blessed Be and Be Blessed.



©2018 Raymond J. Sette