From London to Los Angeles, Ray Sette brings his unique perspective on the subjects of human potential, astrology and metaphysics to the international arena. From radio and television to book signings and special events, from personal readings to celebrity folly, Ray brings a lighthearted approach to what can sometimes seem obscure or bizarre. Whether in the media or in person, stop by to just listen or to engage Ray with a question. Either way, you're sure to enjoy!

For more information about upcoming events, see the calendar to the right. Just click on an event for details on place, time, directions, and event specifics, such as whether there will be audience discussion and if the event is free- or paid-entry.

Radio and television (always free): Ray has appeared on radio and television in both the US and internationally, such as his regular guest-spot on Red-FM in Cork, Ireland. Though his appearances are sometimes limited to interviews and brief psychic/astrological forecasts, Ray has also participated in call-in shows where he can use his extraordinary talents to provide advice for the callers.

Bookstore appearances (usually free): Depending on the space available at the bookstore, Ray's appearances are, at times, limited to strictly signing copies of his books for patrons. Sometimes, if the venue allows, Ray delights in speaking with the event attendees about his book and astrology. He also enjoys engaging the audience with a Q&A period, and some lucky guests may even get a brief psychic reading.

Special Events (may be free- or paid-entry for guests): These organized events invite Ray to speak to their guests about his book, astrology, and other related topics. Depending on the event agenda, he will often include a Q&A session and brief psychic readings for some or all of the guests.


How can I book Ray for my event?

     Would you like Ray to attend your event as a guest speaker or design your own event with Ray as the headliner? Ray is available for your private speaking engagements where he can discuss the philosophy behind his book and his experience as a psychic astrologer. He will also engage your audience with a Q&A session and entertain them with brief, personal psychic readings. Your guests can spend an intimate evening with Ray as he connects with their loved ones who have already transitioned into the Spirit Dimension. Whether for validation of those who guide us from the Spirit World or closure of those matters that are seemingly irresolvable, a connection/communication is always available when we choose to acknowledge the opportunity. If you're planning an event where every audience member would like a brief reading, please limit the gatherings to 20 individuals to guarantee a one-on-one, intimate connection with each person present at the event.

For more information on Ray's schedule availability and appearance fees, please contact: or call 201-896-0985.

Events & Appearances


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Gallery Event

June 15, 2024
“Within Harmony”
182 South First Street
Lehighton, PA • 18254 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM